Monday, March 30, 2015

Wedding preparation - Before the project (Proposal) Throwback

First of all, thank you everyone including Heng dai (brothers), Ji mui (Sisters), Videographer, Photographers, Muugu KL Restaurant Management and of course most important my dearest Honey. I really have a memorable moment with all of you.

Date: Nov 30, 2014
Time: 12:30pm
Location: MUUGU: Garden Bistro, Gillhouse & Event Venue

How I get there? Ya, good question. This one have to special thank my dearest Ji mui who bribed by my honey to cheat me out. I know you all try your best to make it secret to me. (Big love to all of you - HUG)

In the same time, all Heng dai were busying in rehearsal for the show before I arrived  in the restaurant.

This proposal began with our sweet photo video was show in the TV when we settled down in the restaurant. My first impression, can you pick a nicer photo? I looks so ugly in some of the photos. (Haha) Then, Heng dai brought the colour cards to show me one by one right after the video. In the same time, special thanks to the waitress who delivered a pink rose to me in every 5 minutes.

After that, the waitress invited me to the beautiful garden part within the restaurant. Finally, main character was there. My honey knee down, show me the ring and said:" Will you marry me?" I was so touching and I only can reply:" Yes, I do."

This successful proposal of course without you all, incomplete. So, you all are very special angels to us.

Thanks you to all Heng Dai

Thank you to all ji mui

Without you all, the proposal won't be successful.
Photography by Alex Goh (My besties's honey)

And also - behind the scene. Thank you very much
Videographer by Louis Wang

Special thank to Friend's of videographer - Jackie Yong Photophraphy

Special thank to Friend's of videographer - Kenny Looi Photophraphy

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