Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swim across the pacific ocean by google map

Actually my sister told me something interesting. Then, I tried to do it myself. As a result, this was showed exactly what my sister had told me.

1) Go to google map
2) Click get direction
3) Insert China into column A
4) Insert Taiwan into column B
5) Sroll down to description number 48.
6) read the number 48 instruction.

You will surprise that the google map direction actually ask you to "swim across the Pacific Ocean".

Sunday, July 17, 2011

16 July 2011 - Bon Odori with the title of Arigatou Malaysia was held in Shah Alam, Panasonic Sport Stadium. This Event started by 5pm. Then, we went there by 4:30pm. At first, we thought we were late because we scared to park our car very far far away. But, we were lucky because we were the last car to park inside Panasonic car park. (P.S. Panasonic car park is just next to the stadium)

We reached there around 5:30pm. There were not a lot of people. As all Malaysian style are like to be late, Thus, we went smoothly without any jam.

There were a lot of foods available. The food mostly were from Sakae Sushi, Sushi King, Jusco Sushi, Isetan Japanese food from KLCC, Papa Bread from Mid Valley and etc. In fact, food available in Bon Odori was quite expensive.

Dance section available 3 times. We joined the first and second dance sections. Everyone formed big circus and danced together.

I met a lot of friends and other friendly people.

~~ We had a great time together ~~

Friday, July 8, 2011

my new yukata ~~

Are you ready to join Bon Odori next week ?? Yes, I am ready !!

I have blue colour yukata. However, I wish I have chance to wear pink colour yukata. Last few days, I heard my friend said Jusco at Mid Valley will have yukata fair. Then, I tried to visit that place. Thus, I saw this beautiful yukata with cheaper price compared in Japan.

For those who wish to wear yukata to this Bon Odori, you can visit to Jusco at Mid Valley in Ladies department within 4th of July to 16th of July.

My pink yukata with sakura flower ~~ Love it !!

This is traditional type of "Obi" (means belt). The price for yukata is included with the modern type of obi. However, I like tradisional type of obi more. Then, I bought an extra obi to suit this yukata.

The difference between traditional type of obi and modern type of obi is modern type is ready made. However, the traditional type of obi is have to tie it yourself. In fact, the traditional type of obi can tie different types of ribbons.

I love my new yukata ~~~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

35th Bon Odori 2011 information

Place: Komplex Sukan Negara (Penasonic Sport complex) - Shah Alam

Date: 16 July 2011

Time: 5pm gate open, 7pm open ceremony

** Free shutter buses available from Shah Alam KTM station to complex, and vice versa from 4pm to 11pm

Sony VAIO C - my new lappy

Last week, I decided to abandon my old lappy which followed me for 5 years ++. Then, I bought a new "pink" lappy. You know I like pink.. Haha .. Love it Love it .. !!

Yes, My Sony VAIO C series ~~~ I LOVE IT .. !!

Cover of my lappy, it looks like glow in the dark. But unfortunately, orange and green colour VAIO C series will light up only. But anyway, I like pink. Thus, I bought this !!

The keyboard has light sensitivity. It will light up if surrounding is dark. Then, I can type in a dark room without disturbing others.

Feature for my new lappy ~~
Processor: Core i-5
HD: 500G

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sentosa in Singapore

Last day, we went to Sentosa due to my friend extremely fancy on "animal". Thus, we decided to go Underwater World where located in Siloso Beach.

MRT is one of the convenient route to Sentosa. Then, you can stop at Habour Front station which next to Vivo City. Then, there are a lot of free shuttle buses from Vivo City to Resort world, Sentosa Island. Within the Sentosa, free trains and monorails are available.

Sentosa is divided into 5 areas. Each area has different attractions and dining zone.

1) Resort World Sentosa - Singapore First integrated resort. In this place, there are mix of luxury hotels, dining, shops and world class entertainment such as Universal Studio.

2) Imbiah Lookout - Located at the heart of the Sentosa Island. In this areas, there are 11 interesting attractions such as 4D movies, Skyline Luge, Merlion tower, cable car and etc.

3) Serapang - A relaxing place with spa, hotels and golf club.

4) Beaches - 3.2km stretch of sand beach which divided into Siloso Beach and Pahlawan beach. Most interesting attractions here is Song of the sea

5) Siloso Point - which located at West of Sentosa Island. Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon are located in this area.

Our destination was Underwater World. Thus, we took the purple line train and stopped at Siloso Beach.

The entrance ticket is SD25.90 for each adult included Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. This attraction is opened from 9am to 9pm.

In the Underwater World, I saw a lot of different marine species.

Next to Underwater World is Dolphin Lagoon. We watched a wonderful dolphin show. Those pink dolphins were very cute and obedient. In fact, they know how to play ball and carry those ball.

At night again, we had to leave soon. Bye bye Singapore. I had a really nice trip here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Night life in Singapore !! - Clarke Quay

What can you do in Singapore especially night time ?? Yes, Clarke Quay is the best place for you to hang around. You can visit there by MRT and stop at Clarke Quay station.

Around Clarke Quay, there are a lot of restaurants, bars or clubs along Singapore River. Furthermore, waterfront recreation is the best place to walk around and enjoy the Singapore night view.

Now-a-day, Clarke Quay's environment are decorated with tradition and modern building. Move over, a large fantastic mall are located next to the Singapore River. Then, this is a good opportunity to shop around there.

Haha .. At the end, I bought a sesame and green tea flavour ice-cream from Hokkaido Ice-Cream. The taste was nice. However, it melted a bit fast.

~ Enjoy ~

Monday, July 4, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore, I am coming !!! Anyway, many routes you can choose to go there. First, taxi is the most simple route but not so expensive. Secondly, MRT is another options and then stop at Habour Front Stations. At Habour Front stations, there are a lot of free shuttle buses to fetch visitors to Universal Studio.

The entrance ticket prices are SD72 during peak season and SD66 during non-peak season. If Master Card user can get extra 20% discount. In Universal Studio Singapore, this theme park is divided into 7 parts which are Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Egypt, The Lost World, Sci-Fi, and New York.

In Madagascar, there are 2 attractions here which are river boat and party-go-around. In fact, the road show in Madagascar is the most interesting show among the others. At the end of the show, you can take photos with those mascots.

At Hollywood, this is a good news for buyers because there are a lot of merchandise shops. Not much attraction around Hollywood. But, do pass by there frequently because a lot of movie stars and mascots will pass by there. Then, you get a chance to take photos with you.

Far Far Away which is located in between Madagascar and The Lost World. Most interesting attraction here is Shrek 4D movie. Furthermore, I watched the same movie before in Universal Studio Japan. In fact, I like this because this time I would understand it which talked in English. Haaha .. Other attraction here are Enchanted Airways (Juniors roller coaster) , Donkey live, and children Ferris wheel. Unfortunately, I didn't have chance to meet with Princess Fiona.

In Egypt, there are 2 attractions here. Revenge of the Mummy is the most interesting attraction in Universal Studio Singapore that you can't miss it. This is indoor roller coaster in the darkness. Indeed, you can't predict how the track look like. Another attraction is treasure hunter which for children drive.

In Sci-Fi city, most of the attraction are roller coasters. If you have heart problem, please do not try it. Scary !!! ~~ Most of the mascot here are interesting.

Most of the attraction in New York are shows. Most important, you need to check the timetable first and arrange your time to save more time to enjoy more shows available here.

5 attractions are available in The Lost World. Most interesting show here is The Water World. In The Water World, there are only 2 shows within a day. Thus, you have to make this show as your priority. I watched this show before in Universal Studio Japan too. This was similar except the language they used.

At the end of the day, I met a lot of mascots here. I like them every much .. LOVE !! I enjoyed very much . The different between Universal Studio Singapore and Japan is temperature. I was sweating a lot in Singapore. I wish I will visit to this place again ~~

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bag pack to Singapore !!

Yeah !! Singapore, finally, we are here !! .. Early morning, we took around 1 hour to fly from Kuala Lumpur (LCCT) airport to Changi Airport, Singapore. This was my first time to fly with AirAsia. Of course, I can't compared AirAsia to other 5-stars airlines. Anyway, I satisfied their service.

Because this was early, we couldn't check in nor shopping around (because all shops were not opened yet). Then, we took MRT all the way to Bugis.

Actually, there was nothing to walk around because all stores were closed because this was too early. Anyway, we did visit some of the temples around Bugis. According to my friend, this is quite famous temple around Bugis.

Then, we "walked" around Singapore. We walked from Bugis to City Hall. In between, we passed by, some interesting buildings and church at Stamford road. Singapore is a beautiful country.

After check in at Balastin Hotel, we traveled to Merina Bay by taxi. The price for taxi actually was not expensive if divided by 4 people. In fact, all taxi drivers are very friendly and helpful. At there, we paid SD20 to visit Merina Bay Sand Skypark. At there, you are able to have a wonderful Singapore view. But unfortunately, the amazing swimming pool on this sky park only hotel guests allow to use.

Double Helix Bridge is next to Merina Bay Sand Hotel. This bridge is very outstanding. At night, there are some lighting along this bridge. This was wonderful.

Last interesting place to visit around Merina bay is Singapore Flyer. Each ride cost SD30 for around 1 hour. This is world largest wheel with the height of 165m from the ground. This is best to visit around evening because you can have a chance to experience Singapore day and night's views.