Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Love more" mask

Last year, my friend bought a souvenir which was a mask for me from Taiwan. This mask name as "Love More". I didn't use it until yesterday night due to I seldom do mask.

This is peptide moisturizing duo lifting mask which with rose fragrance. Furthermore, this mask is quite watery when I took it out from the packet. In fact, I found the shape of the mask is extraordinary to me. The reasons are the mask cover my ears and neck as well.

I can see the immediate effect right after I used this mask. I love this effect because my face looks not so puffy now and the mask is just fit my face.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Manicure of the day - spring flower

Spring Flower

1. Apple base coat

2. Apple base colour (red with pink)

3. Apple light pink colout on the tip of finger

4. Use sliver glitter cross a line between the red and light pink

5. Draw a dot with pink nail art pen in the middle as "bud". Then, draw 5 short fine lines as "petals" from "bud" to outside.

6. Use white nail art pen to replace the colour of "bud" by making a small dot. After that, dot another 3 dots in a curl shape below the flower.

7. Apply top coat -- Finish ~~

~ dOnE ~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gifu -- Shirakawa

I do away from my blogspot almost 2 weeks time due to many reasons. Anyway, I am back !!! This time, I would like to share about wonderful Gifu - Shirakawa. For those who watched the "Last Samurai" before, you may think this place is familiar to you. Two words to describe this village -- "amazing" and "extraordinary".

Shirakawa village is one of the UNESCO traditionally village that located in Gifu Prefecture. In fact, all the houses here were built with wooden beams that connect to each other which called as Gassho-Zukuri. Furthermore, the triangular roof built to avert the heavy snow fall.

Anyway, we took about 2 hours to reach Shirakawa from Nagoya city by car. However, this is quite difficult if you take any public transport, unless you join with the tourist agents. Free entrance to access into Shirakawa, but not inside the houses. The entrance fees usually are 200 to 300 yens and these are varies from house to house.

Don't worry if you are new to here. In Shirakawa, there is a tourist information center. You can collect Shirakawa map from here. The clear and detail maps are prepared in many languages such as Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, and so on.

A lot of Gassho-Zakuri built houses here. Basically, some of them are souvenir shops, motels, cafes, museums and private houses. You can get a lot of Shirakawa limited products here.

Inside the Gassho-Zakuri house, this was built with wood and tatami in the living room. Each floors display with many olden used living tools. Anyway, you must be careful you head because the ceiling is quite low.

Follow the map, you are able to climb the mountains nearby. On this mountain, you can have a beautiful view of Shirakawa village with plenty of wooden houses and paddy fields.

What can you eat here?? haha ... I like to eat ice-cream in extreme low temperature !! OISHII ~~

Shirakawa Information website: http://shirakawa-go.org/english/index.html