Monday, March 30, 2015

Wedding preparation - Before the project (Proposal) Throwback

First of all, thank you everyone including Heng dai (brothers), Ji mui (Sisters), Videographer, Photographers, Muugu KL Restaurant Management and of course most important my dearest Honey. I really have a memorable moment with all of you.

Date: Nov 30, 2014
Time: 12:30pm
Location: MUUGU: Garden Bistro, Gillhouse & Event Venue

How I get there? Ya, good question. This one have to special thank my dearest Ji mui who bribed by my honey to cheat me out. I know you all try your best to make it secret to me. (Big love to all of you - HUG)

In the same time, all Heng dai were busying in rehearsal for the show before I arrived  in the restaurant.

This proposal began with our sweet photo video was show in the TV when we settled down in the restaurant. My first impression, can you pick a nicer photo? I looks so ugly in some of the photos. (Haha) Then, Heng dai brought the colour cards to show me one by one right after the video. In the same time, special thanks to the waitress who delivered a pink rose to me in every 5 minutes.

After that, the waitress invited me to the beautiful garden part within the restaurant. Finally, main character was there. My honey knee down, show me the ring and said:" Will you marry me?" I was so touching and I only can reply:" Yes, I do."

This successful proposal of course without you all, incomplete. So, you all are very special angels to us.

Thanks you to all Heng Dai

Thank you to all ji mui

Without you all, the proposal won't be successful.
Photography by Alex Goh (My besties's honey)

And also - behind the scene. Thank you very much
Videographer by Louis Wang

Special thank to Friend's of videographer - Jackie Yong Photophraphy

Special thank to Friend's of videographer - Kenny Looi Photophraphy

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wedding Preparation Part 1 - Tricks to choose your dream Bridal House

Hi all, I feel so guilty did not update my blog for almost 2 years!! Suddenly, my mood tell me that is time to record down my life again. So excited!!

During bridal fair last year 2014 at KLCC, I accidentally signed up our (my BF and I) bridal package by a salesperson who convinced us for almost 2 hours. Now-a-days K-pop is leading the fashion. I so addicted to have Korean Style pre-wedding photo shooting. But unfortunately, this bridal house only offer to do Korean style photo shooting in indoor only. However, I was so excited to sign up the package even though my BF that time not really agree the package because he wanted to do outdoor photo shooting as well and this package is slightly costly. You know, girls are always so addicted to con by discount, special offer or this package ONLY for you even thought most of the packages are actually same price for everyone.

As a conclusion, we total signed up 2 packages from different bridal houses during 2 different bridal fairs. Actually, second time we went for bridal fair that held in January this year at Mid Valley was planing to do some researches on restaurants. But at the end, I signed up the second package because I couldn't resist one of the bridal house offer me with a very cheap price to do outdoor photo shooting compared to previous package. At that moment, I felt regret why I did my decision so quickly.

Anyway, I am here to share some experiences and tricks before you sign up any package.

Do not get cheated by their sentences :- 

1) "This is the cheapest package and this package only special for you". Are you sure after I leave here, you will not offer the same package or even cheaper to others compare to mine? Sure not. Cause they just want the sales.

2) "If you leave now, I cannot guaranty when you come back you can get the same special offer package any more". Ya, first time I admitted myself felt that this sentence was so magical. I told myself, I cannot miss out this great offer opportunity. But second time, I told the salesperson I very believe in FAITH. If we have faith when I came back the second time to get the exactly same offer, I shall sign up with you. (Hohoho, the salesperson almost want to cry). But anyway, the salesperson very hardworking to follow up with me even though few days after the bridal fair.  Good job, big clap for you.

Of cause some of the questions needed to prepare before sign up a package to safe your wallet. Ya, currently I understand why they can offer me with very very very cheap price for outdoor shooting. The package is starting from RM2k++ and etc. Anyway, I promised them do not tell anyone about the detail of the package. I shall keep my promise. (mouth zip)

But I felt so reluctant for all these problems arise, because I not careful enough to enquire during the sign up section. Most of the experiences gain from the second bridal house.

1) TRANSPORT - who prepare the car, who drive. Some of the bridal houses offer transport and driver during outdoor photo shooting.

2) MAKEUP ARTIS (MUA) - Do I need to pay extra if the MUA follow outdoor photo shooting? But unfortunately, my package need to pay extra in order for the MUA follow me to go out.

3) LOCATION - fee to pay, who need to get the authorization from the property owner. I ruin with this bad experience to get the authorization from the property owner since I need to work in the same time everyday. If some of the bridal house can offer they will get the authorization, this can help you to relax and be a pretty bride all time.  

4) GOWN FITTING - What type of gown do you have ? Do you divide into VIP, VVIP or VVVIP section ? what type of gown I can choose with my package. I was told I can choose anything from the shop including VVVVIP gown for my photo shooting. But, when I pay a visit to the bridal house, I felt the gowns not that up to standard even though the VVVVIP category. The white gown was black. the evening gown was look like my mother generation. Anyway, my advise is visit the bridal house first to check whether the bridal house have the gown you like or not before you sign up the package.

5) EXTRA CHARGE WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR GOWN AFTER CONFIRMATION. Sometimes, woman change their mind like change their cloth (Quoted from my friend). your mind may be different one month before and after. Comparing to the first bridal house that I had signed, they allow me to charge on the spot without extra charge during photo shooting day, however the second one do charge if I wish to change gown after confirmation.    

Actually, I want to put some photos in. However, my lost my mouse. Suddenly feel that my hand is not mind, not really familiar do on the laptop. (3 lines drop from my forehead).

So the process you will encounter with your bridal house as below:-
Pick your favorate bridal house
Sign up package
Arrange date of photo shooting and gown fitting
Gown fitting for photo shooting
Photo shooting day
photo picking day
Gown fitting second time for your big day
Collect your gown and photo
Happy Wedding day
Gown retun

Up till now, I only experiences up till photo shooting day only for both bridal houses.  Will continue to share my story again later. Bye bye.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Miniature Park in Jeju

Miniature Park a.k.a mini land is located in Jeju-si Jocheon-eup Gyorae-ri San 56-4. Around 50 different countries' wonders and UNESCO world Heritage sites are built in miniature versions in this mini land. For example, miniature the Statue of Loberty, the Great Wall of China, Pisa tower, Osaka Castle and etc are available here. The pricing to enter this miniature park is different for adult, teenage and children for 7000 won, 5000 won and 4000 won respectively. However, you can get a cheaper price if purchase in group for adult, teenage and children are 5000 won, 3500 won and 3000 won respectively.















#15: Fairy tale land

And a lot more wonders and Heritage sites available. In my opinion, this is a good place for those who like to shoot photos. And, I enjoyed to travel "all around the world" within few hours.  


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teseum - The World's Very First Teddy Bear Safari

Teddy Bear originated from the nickname for Theodor Roosevelt, the 26th president of US. In 1902, President Roosevelt released the young bear that his bodyguard had tied to trees for him to hunt. Later, this president named the stuffed bears as "Teddy". 

Teseum is the world's first Teddy Bear Safari & Museum was opened in Jeju.  This exhibition is opened from 9am to 9pm and admissions are available until 8pm. For more information, the admissions fee for adult, adolescence and children are 7000 won, 6000 won and 5000 won respectively.

The scary Amazon Jungle in the rain forest.




 Fairy Tale Land
This is the space that you can meet the Fairy Tale Bears that living in Teseum.




Birds' Paradise
Various species of bird are living together in happiness. You can share their happiness with them in the beautiful paradise.

Miniature Zone
Want to see the smallest popcorn in the world? You can meet the miniatures that are smaller than your finger.

Art Center by the zoo
Gogh, Chagall and Leonardo Da Vinci art are here. Meet Teddy Bear posing for the world's greatest masterpieces at Teseum Art Gallery.

The Temple of Bear
Teddy Bear transformed into Greek Gods and Goddessess. The Goddess Hera is wearing 6-karat diamond crown and it cost about 1.12 billion KRW. This is the world's most expensive Hera Bear.

Friend Biggy Zone
4 meters tall biggy bear is available here. Children and jump and play with those Biggy bears.

Meet Teseum bears posing as your favorite movie characters.



 Souvenir shop

Yeah !!! If you like them, you can bring them home. All kinds of bears are available here. ~~ They are adorable   (*^_^*)


Monday, April 2, 2012

Jeju Experience In Korea

Once we arrived Seoul, we had transferred to Jeju from Gimpo airport. Little information regarding Gimpo airport, it was the largest international airport before replaced by Incheon International Airport in 2001. Now, Gimpo Airport is second largest airport in Korea and function mainly for domestic flight. This was my first time to fly with Korea Air. In my opinion, the seat was comfortable and this airline provided delicious meal. 

Mysterious road is one of the famous tourist spot in Jeju which located at Dokkaebi Road. What makes this road interesting? According to our tour guide,  the car will move downhill in "N' gear even though it seem like going uphill. Furthermore, this was first discovered in 1980 by a taxi driver with couple. After that, We tried to do an experiment on this extraordinary road. First of all, we tried to use a water bottle rolled to the direction which look like downhill. However, we realized that the water bottle came back to the opposite direction. Again, this was a great place to experience the amazing optical illusion.

YongDuam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) is located at western end of Jeju Island. This was naturally made by volcano rock 2 millions ago. Furthermore, this is 10 meters high and 30 meters long. A lot of legends describe about this place. One of the story is explained as a dragon shot by god because it stole a precious jade from Mountain Halla. Moreover, its body fell into ocean and its head frozen immediately in the position of looking to the sky.

Another amazing UNESCO spot in Jeju is Seongsan Sunrise (Ilchulbong) Peak which located in Songsan-ri Eastern town. This vertical cliff was built by volcano eruption 100 thousand years ago. For more information, diameter and high for this cliff are 600 meters and 90 meters respectively. Furthermore, this is a ideal place for walk. However, this place is not allow to enter during bad weather condition. I felt the wind blow strongly when I was standing on this peak even though this was a good day. The entrance fees for adult and youth are 2000 won and 1000 won respectively. If check in with a group which more than 10 people, you can get 800 won and 400 won discount for adult and youth respectively. This place is opened one hour before sunrise and closed by 8pm during winter and 9pm during summer.

For those who like Korean Drama, Seopjikoji may be is a familiar place for you. The meaning of "Seopji" and "koji" are "area" and local language of sudden bump on land respectively. This place is located at the end of the Eastern shore of Jeju Island. A popular drama name as All in House which acted by Lee Byung-hun and Song Hye-kyo in 2003 was filmed in this beautiful place. Furthermore, green filed on this cliff grow without a single tree. And, there is a light house at the edge of the cliff. I felt this place was soooo comfortable when I was standing on the cliff and blowing by the wind.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Skin anniversary experience in Korea

Finally, I visited to Korea last year as I dreamt for long time. Anyway, I just realize I really very long time didn't update my blog. Thus, Korea trip is a good topic for me to start my first blog in this "brand new year".

In Korea, I visited to Skin Anniversary Beauty Town. This place is located in 508-1 Munbal-ri Gyoha-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea which I have no idea where is it.  (^.^)

According to our tour guide, this place is quite famous due to a lot of celebrities visit this place frequently. Furthermore, this place is near to broadcasting companies and is famous for filming location.

Visitors can enjoy the amazing experience of Beauty that provide by this place. In fact,there are three courses available for visitors to choose from. There are course A course B and course C differ from 40 mins , 60 mins and 120 mins for 55k won, 88 won and 150k won respectively.

I did experience the course A. This amazing beauty experience divided into 5 steps. Step 1, the person in charge taught us about the skin care regimen based on different skin types and the advantages of Korea skin care. Then, Their certified estheticians analyzed our skin by using the skin type diagnosis scanner and customized the formula that suitable us most.

After the analysis, we moved to a room for the prepare cleansing massage session. At this stage, the person in charges help us to remove waste from our skin in order to open our pores. It is important step to enhances ability of our skin absorption when we were doing mask. After the mask treatment, we can see the instant boost on our skin conditions. 

In Korea, makeup is a form to show respect to other people. After facial treatment, we can do our makeup at the makeup corner that prepared by this place. All kinds of cosmetics are available here. Indeed, there are free of charge. The makeup corner is set to enable customers to do some touch up before they leave the center. It is aim to lighten up the customers' day.

In this building, I found some photos which caught my eyes. According to our tour guide, this is 2-D drawing. But, it looks like 3-D when you take photo together.

There are some other great arts in the building.

I tried to take a photo with one of the great drawing. Isn't it looks like real ?? This is amazing.

In this Building, we can visit to Hallyu Gallery for free. This gallery exhibits varies types of teddy bear. This gallery hall divided into 4 parts such as K-pop (Girl Generation, Wonder Girl, Kara, Rain and etc), Drama (Full House, Winter Sonata, Secret Garden and etc), Brauty Boutique & photo zone and movie zone (Friend, My Sassy Girl, Mona Lisa and etc).

This was an amazing experience for me. I love it !!!