Saturday, February 19, 2011

紅葉、もみじ、Momiji in Kyoto November 2010

What is "momiji"? Momiji is maple leave. The leaves will turn red during Autumn. This maple leaves made the city had beautiful view. However, it did last for few weeks only. The mid of the maple leaves season is the most beautiful moment. You cant miss it.

I did visit to some of the places during the first week of the maple leaves season which around second week of November.

#1: Kiyomizu dera: some of the leaves still green. But, this is telling us momiji season is just around the corner.

#2: Outside kiyomizu dera: the momiji leaves is soooo beautiful. But, not all the leaves turned into red.

#3: Nijo castle garden: red colour leaves started dropping from the tree.

Early start of the momiji season did not provide the best view for us. Then, we tried to visit those on the following weekend which around third week of November. Anyway, this was the best moment. We love the beautiful red colour leaves that were surrounding us.

#4: Arashiyama: everywhere full of red colour leaves.

#5: Arashiyama: This was amazing. I cant imagine that the tree was decorated with bright red leaves.

#6: Arashiyama: combined between sunshine with momiji (*^_^*) I love this very much.

#7: Kinkakuji: This is World UNESCO place. A lot of maple trees here. However, this may not provide the best momiji view.

#8: Kinkakuji and Kodaiji: The night visit only available during Autumn. You can feel the different between the morning and night view of momiji. This was quite interesting. Night was beautiful too. Anyway, I still like the morning momiji view.

#9: Chioin: A place just next to my apartment. This is a quite and small place. But, Momiji here were amazing. I like here because there were less people here. Then, I can took a lot of photos of momiji without other people in.

#10: Tokufuji: This one of the most beautiful Momiji view place. However, there were extremely a lot of people. Anyway, I still can say that this was the most beautiful place for momiji.

#11: Eikando: I did not go in to this garden due to the entrance ticket were very expensive. Anyway, I able to took some photo outside the Eikando. From this photo, you can imagine how beautiful momiji were in this Eikando garden.

#12: Eikando: Momiji here are most bright red in colour. This photo was taken just outside the Eikando. I love this ..

Momiji are beautiful. But, this beautiful moment only can last for few weeks. The start and the end of the momiji season did not provide the best momiji view. In spite, only the mid season provide the best momiji view. However, the mid season only last for few days only. I felt sad too when I saw the maple leaves dropped from the tree because this was telling me that Winter was coming soon.

Sometimes, we did not notice the change around us. This may make us miss out a lot of wonderful things. Let's try to notice and take care people surrounding you especially your family and friends. You may find something differences that you may miss out long time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

~ Lovely Chocolate cake -- multipurpose use case ~

~ Lovely Chocolate cake -- multipurpose use case ~

#1: Front view
#2: Top view

#3: Side view