Sunday, December 19, 2010

4者 忏悔业障

I had a bad thinking..

I shouldn't do this..

I want to revise my badness..

啊弥陀佛 ~~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

principles 道理

Recently, I had talked with my friend and read my friend's blog. I just realize that I slightly forgot some of the important principles.

You have to "give up" something in order to "get" something else because you can't obtain two things in the same time.

If you get something, that is your reward. You should appreciate it. But, if you cant get the things you want, you still happy. This reason is you never lose anything before and you never obtain the things before.

Nobody heart is grow in the middle of your body. Thus, you no need too mind if someone bias.

I understand and happy now ~ Thus, dont worry (*^_^*)
我明白了,所以我快乐了。不用担心 (*^_^*)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parfait time ~~ in kyoto shijo

Dessert time !!!!! Yeah, to all ladies, must check this. I had been to Karafuneya Coffee shop in Shijo Kyoto. This is a special dessert shop. Parfait is famous here. Not believe? check here .. ~~

#1: This is Karafuneya coffee house's manu

#2: Woooo ... all parfait .. ~~~

#3: More parfait .. ~~ delicious .. which should I choose?

#4: This is Autumn collection manu ... I choose Yam chocolate ~~

#5: This is Jumbo parfait .. more than 10,000 yen each. Price difference depend which you want.

#6: This is close up picture for the Jumbo parfait which is 10,000 yen. This is equivalent to RM350. Do you want to eat this ?

#7: This is my Autumn collection yam chocolate parfait... Look delicious right ? haha .. This is 780yen..

#8: I was gonna eat this .. haha .. XD
Oiishi ~~ Love ya ..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last Saturday, I went to Saga Arashiyama. You can actually take the train from Kyoto Station, then stop at Saga Arashiyama station. What is interesting there? This is bamboo garden which is located in Kyoto also. Furthermore, this is a countryside of the Kyoto. Then, you can experience Japanese culture here.

#1: This is Saga-Arashiyama Station. Once you reach this station, you have to walk about 10 to 15 minutes before you reach the bamboo garden.

#2: This is bamboo garden. The bamboo is just along the pathway. According to Kitto san, not everyone will come and visit this place if they are coming with travel agent. I felt that I am lucky because I have to visit this place.

#3: This bamboo garden is so beautiful. I like the peaceful environment here. And, I kept thinking of this is sugar cane... ?? =.=''' haha ... I just mean that this was looked like sugar cane. Anyway, this is still bamboo... ~~ haha ... Don't mistaken as sugar cane.

#4: This is one of the shrine in this bamboo garden. I didn't visit this place because visitors have to pay the entrance fee. I think that not really worth because there are a lot of famous and more beautiful temple or shrine in Kyoto city. In addition, some of it get the world heritage award.

#5: This is Nonomiya shrine. A lot of people here because no need to pay entrance fee. haha .. Anyway, a lot of young people here. According to local people, this shrine is popular to improve your study luck and love luck.

#6: This is located in the Nonomiya shrine. Most of the people will write their wishes on this wood. Then, they will hang on this rack to wish their dreams come true.

#7: This is the ice-cream store just next to the bamboo garden. If you come here, you must try this ice-cream. All the ice-cream's flavour are tea's flavour.

#8: I was eating ocha and oolong cha's flavour. I can say that this is DELICIOUS .. oiishii yo .. I wish that I can eat this again.

#9: This is the snack store just behind Kitto. Anyway, you can get different local snack from this store. Not so expensive, but delicious.

#10: This is potato's flavour snack. You can get this from the snack store. The texture of this potato is soft but not dry. This is little sweet taste. Good good .. !!

#11: Tofu is one of the famous snack in Kyoto. This store is mainly sell difference's flavour of tofu which can divide in cold tofu and hot tofu.

#12: Hot white tofu on the left, cold green tofu on the right.
~ Enjoy ~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kyoto Station

This is a railway station that located in Kyoto and name as Kyoto Station. This is one of the main station.

#1: This is the entrance look of the Kyoto Station. Left side of the station is the railway and right side of the station is Isetan. Up to the top of the Kyoto station, this is a platform for you to view the Kyoto City.

#2: This is the ceiling* of Kyoto station.
* I not sure does it call ceilling ?? haha ..

#3: I was going to the top of the Kyoto Station.

#4: Just half way, Not yet to the top .. Haha .. XD .. This is so far away.

#5: I was standing at the top of the Kyoto Station. This is so far and away from the entrance.

#6: This is Kyoto Tower that just beside the Kyoto Station. You may think that this is not so special. Haha ... But, in Japan, There are a lot of tower in different area .. just like this.
#7: We were going down, and ready to Saga-Arashiyama
Bye bye ~~ Saga Arashiyama, I am coming !!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yogurtland in Osaka - Nanba Park

For those who like dessert or yogurt, I think this is a right place for you to hang around. This is a shop which only sell yogurt. I usually not really like to eat yogurt due to the taste which I feel like difficult to swallow. But in this Yogurtland, you can find a lot of different taste of yogurt that you like. The most important, this is zero calorie. This is a good dessert for those who are on diet.

#1: This is the Yogurtland that located in Nanba park Osaka.

#2: This yogurt shop has the similar concept just like Subway. You can scoop whatever flavour that you like into the paper cup. Then, proceed to topping area. In this topping area, you can add whatever you like which including fruit, nada de coco, candy, walnut and etc. The last step is pay money at the cashier. The price is count by total weight of the paper cup, yogurt and topping.

#3: This is Yogurtland's paper cup

#4: I choose raspberry, peach and kiwi 's flavour. And Kitto choose green tea, chocolate and another one which I don know. Haha ... I think the raspberry and green tea are the best flavour !! (^.^) V

#5: The texture of this yogurt very soft. Something like ice cream, but not totally ice cream. You can feel a little bit with ice, but not really so. I just can describe this is something taste good, soft with little of ice... like that ~~ cool .. I like it !!

#6: This is me in Yogurtland.

Haha... Anyway I had a nice trip here. I think this is will be the only yogurt that I like !! .. haha .. delicious .. Yeah !!

Osaka one day trip in Osaka Castle

Hello, I am back. Last Saturday which 10/10/10 where were I going? Yes, I was going to Osaka. What I did? I went to visit Osaka castle. This is open from 9am to 5pm with the admission fee is 600 yen. Further information can visit to

Those are the pictures that taken by me :

#1: This is Sakura tree that in front of the castle's entrance. In front of the entrance, there are big Japanese garden. This is very comfortable to walk around with the Autumn temperature. According to my friend, he said that Autumn will look the best 1 to 2 weeks later with all the leaves turn into red colour.

#2: This is one of the entrance of the Osaka Castle. Not very big.

#3: Can you see the castle that build on the stone? This castle is surrounding with a human made lake. They said this is one of the strategy to protect themselves in the olden time.

#4: This is the human make lake. This photo was taken from the bridge that link from the Japanese garden to Osaka castle.

#5: Haha, He is my tour guide here .. Anyway, Thanks a lot for your guardian. I learnt a lot from you.

#6: This is Osaka Castle. If your stamina not good enough, I think this is hard for you to climb all the way to the top of Osaka Castle. This castle as tall as 8 floor.

#7: This is one of the exhibition item in the castle. Everything is so tiny, but looks real.

#8: This is Osaka City Museum that just beside the Osaka Castle. I took this photo because it look like harry portal's house. Haha .. Do you think so?

Do you like history? This is a nice place for you to visit. Anyway, I like this place a lot. I had a nice trip.
Yeah .. (^.^) V

Friday, October 8, 2010

Japan, here I come

Hello, the long journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Changi Airport. Then, fly from Changi to Japan Osaka Airport. This was a tiring journey especially mid night flight and I couldn't sleep at all. Anyway, I was safety landing in Osaka Airport yesterday. Then, I took shuttle bus to my apartment which located in Hiyoshigaoka, Kyoto. This is not very far between Kyoto and Osaka, but the journey still took one and half hour and I slept like a pig. From this experiment, I can conclude that bus is more suitable and comfortable sleep than flight. Haha ~~~
Arrangement here were very organise and systematic. A lot people waiting for me once I landing here. The person in charge for my transportation, He was standing and holding with my name card. Then, once I reached my apartment, a guy was sitting at the entrance door and waiting for me only. I can see that he was quite boring that time. XD Anyway, Thanks a lot for their kindness.

Then, I am here to attached some of the photo of my room as below:

#1: my room door - left side is shoe rack, right side is kitchen

#2: my kitchen and fridge that is on the floor

#3: bathroom attach with toilet. not very big but still have a bathtub

#4: this is my room with bed and study table

V1: this is a video where from my room's window look out view.

With a Shinkansen (bullet train) ~~

Once I settle down, of course walked around the city and shopping mood was ON. (My brother will sweat a lot at home and thinking please save my wallet). Haha. Of course I will remember this. Those are my shopping items here:

#5: actually I never thinking of buy this items. You know, my sandal broke in Changi Airport. This was so difficult to get a sandal because all the brand are Soooooo expensive such as Burberry, LV, Gucci and Coach. Haihsss. But at the end, I found out that Chales and Keith was there. Anyway, I dont care already. Then, I chose the cheapest one and bought my first Chales and Keith sandal from Singapore Changi Airport.

#6: The second items that I bought was shoe from Zara. Hmm, actually I was thinking to buy boat. Because of my sandal make my feet very pain once I walking for few hours, then I decided to bought this shoe to change immediate.

#7: my kitchen has all type of kitchen tools but without cup and bowl. =.=''' I tried to search for it in the market. Anyway, I cant find a normal glass type cup and bowl. At the end, I bought both of these item that made from ceramic which look very Japanese style.

OK la.. I think today I stop here today. To be continue soon !! cheersss ~~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

什么是姓名 / 名理学?

无意中,让得空的我在家中发现了两本年龄比我还老的“古董”书。从那一刻开始,我开始对名理学展开了小小的研究。竟然被我发现,怎么可能?好准哦~~~ 所以,我在此 summerise 什么是命理学来分享分享。


  • 暗示有达意的解释 - 但容易使人陷于消极的境地
  • 希望人们认真思索 - 更倍加奋发精神的指南


  • 命运影响 - 发奋努力,祖先余阴,人事背景,容貌美恶,姓名
  • 姓名是由 [ - 由一至十而构成名字的文字,即文=数] 与 [ - 文以音表达,表现其文字的灵力 ] 组成。
  • 所谓“天数”,“大数”,“数之所定”,“天数难逃”证明数=命运
  • 这命运可暗示 - 健康,类化气质,性格,成功/失败,寿命长短。。。etc
  • 一样的数,但命运也因人而异。这是因为 [ 八字 - 人之身体] 与 [ 姓名 - 人之精神] 的互相配合。
  • 姓名的重要,因精神旺则身厚,精神薄则身弱,精神长存则身生,精神枯竭则身死。
  • 命运的基础 = [ 八字:先天] + [ 姓名:后天]


  1. 五格的吉凶
  2. 字画数的数理
  3. 字义与字形
  4. 姓名的音韵
  5. 五行的配合与三才配置
  6. 阴阳的配合
  7. 先天八字的对照



  • 天格:复姓笔画总数,单姓笔画 + 1 之数 ,是由祖先留传
  • 人格:由复姓的后姓/单姓 + 名中 = 中心命运
  • 地格:名中 + 名后 = 全名= [ 前运:即36岁以前]
  • 外格:总格 - 人格 = [副运:家族缘厚薄/对社会的关系]
  • 总格:姓 + 名 = 主中年至晚年

图片1:五格 - 单姓与名二字(ex:林美美,黄严基)

[主运] 暗示由20岁开始,[副运] 从27岁渐渐开始。主与副互相关连。 如果不受前后运的分别,这是因为天地人格错乱,且因因果。[副运] 辅助 [主运] 有如包装。比如你的餐厅有上等菜,但你的菜没有整洁,卫生,这样也会令别人胃口不佳。



  • 金:齿音
  • 木:牙音
  • 水:唇音
  • 火:舌音
  • 土:喉音


利用五行可弥补 [四柱八字 - 先天命运] 的缺陷。