Friday, March 25, 2011

Starbucks Sakura tumbler 2011

Yes, finally is here. I love it very much !! XD
Japan Starbucks Sakura collection 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Manicure of the day ~~ stAwbErry

~ Manicure of the day ~

sImplE And nIcE stAwbErry drAwIng

Reference from an online magazine

Step 1) apply base coat to protect nails

Step 2) apply base colour (pink) evenly

Step 3) apply green colour for its leaf

Step 4) used white france manicure colour to make 3 small dots

Step 5) apply gliter on the leaf

Step 6) apply top coat to make it shiny

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What my friends said (In Japan now)

Last Friday, Japan was facing big disasters. Most serious areas were affected by Sendai, Fukushima and Tokyo. Finally, I had received all safety notes from my friends who are staying in Japan right now. What did they say ?

Picture from Google Map

Fukuoka (Japanese) - My host family said that they are safe and having normal daily life. But, they felt sad about the disasters happened in their country.

Kyoto (Japanese and various international friends) - Most of my friends said they felt a bit shaking in the class and may be the class was located on the 6th floors. They thought the earthquake 6.0 magnitude only. However, they only knew there were tsunami hit and the 8.9 magnitude after the class. Some of them went back to their home country last weekend even though the class will be ended end of March.

Nagano (Malaysian) - She felt stronger tremor than my Kyoto friends. The tremor kept on repeating through out the day. She scared when she was staying alone in the room. Initial plan, she will go back to her home country after Sakura season. Anyway, She came back home yesterday.

Shizuoka (neighbour travel) - They went to visit mount Fuji. The house was shaking terribly. The tremor kept on repeating. Then, they went to airport and looked for flight tickets. Finally, they used about RM6000 to buy an one way economic class ticket.

Tokyo (Japanese) - She felt strong tremor earthquake in Tokyo. This earthquake kept on repeating frequently. She claimed that Tokyo buildings are strong and ready to face the strong earthquake. In fact, people in Japan are well trained to face the disaster. Thus, we no need too worry about their conditions.

Sendai (Japanese) - He replied three days after the disasters due to phone and internet connection were terminated. In his mail, he said that everything was gone. His old hostel was corrupted also. In fact, all his memories things were gone. During that moment, he thought that he may die because of this killer earthquake. Anyway, He felt he is lucky because he is alive now. Furthermore, he felt miserable because he couldn't get any latest information from government due to lost of TV and other media communication tools. He got limited gasoline as well. Now, electrical and water supply are scheduled for affected areas.

Newspaper was still showing the disasters that affected Japan everyday. I can't imagine a beautiful country that I came back 3 months ago became like this. I am glad to hear that everyone of them are safe now. Let's pray for the others as well.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks god !

After three days worried about my Sendai's friend. He finaly replied to one of his friend an hour ago. Then, his friend annouced his conditions in Facebook. From the mail, he didnt mention much about Sendai and his's condition. However, we got the news that he is ALIVE now. What a great news today ~~ ORIKAMI really working after I post the previous post since this morning. Thanks god ~

~ May God bless everyone of you ~

Pray for Japan

Orikami (折り紙)can be interpret as "Ori" - folding and "kami" - paper. Crane (鶴) in Japanese culture is representing about loyatly, joy, happiness, long life, prosperity, good health, good luck and peace.

Thousand Orikami cranes (千羽鶴)mean strings are used to connect all the orikami cranes together. Japanese legend believes that crane can live up to 1000 years. For those who fold thousand cranes, crane will give them a wish. In fact, this can allow poeple wish comes true. Furthermore, people usually will wish others long life or recovery from illness.

11 of March 2011, Japan was affected by 8.9 magnitude earthquake and 10m hight tsunami around Kanto and Tokufu area as well as less serious in Hokkaido. Even though majority of my friends were staying in Kyoto - Kansai region, they still can feel the tremor. 80% of my friends had replied my emails or messages. However, I do wish I can get the safety note from Sendai's friends as soon as possible. Worry ~~~~ (>.<)

I can do nothing to help them. Maybe fold thousand cranes to make a wish is the only thing I can do. Let's pray for everyone safeness in Japan as well as worldwide safety in the future.

Here is thousand cranes. Wish Japan free from disaster now and recovery as soon as possible~~ and of course world wide peaceful.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kobe free and easy

Kobe city is part of Hyogo prefecture. Kobe is a prominent city which the sixth biggest city in Japan. Previously, this place was known by Owada Anchorage. However, Kobe was formed after 1889. Kobe was opened trade with "West" countries. Thus, there are a lot of old western style building around the city now-a-day.

Anyway, you can take JR line and stop at "Sannomiya" station which is the nearest to walk around in Kobe city. Around the Kobe city, there were a lot of information tourist center. One of the center is located just outside the Sannomiya station. You can get a map from them. They were helpful to us. Anyway, the map is very detail enough. =)

One horrible disaster had affected Kobe city. This is called as Kobe earthquake a.k.a Great Hanshin Earthquake was happened January 17th, 1995 at 05:46 JST. Furthermore, the earthquake magnitude scale was 7.3. This disaster caused about 6000 people lost their lives.

About 5 minutes walks from Sannomiya stations, there is Kobe Memorial Monument to memorise this incidence. Every year December, light festival which called as Kobe Luminaries will be held to memory scarify victims and reconstruct the city. Kobe Luminaries Official Website:

This is a port. Definitely, there were a lot of foreigners around in this city in the olden time. In this city, you can realise the building construction was more likely to Western style compared to another prefecture especially in Old Foreign Settlement. I felt this streets were quite even though there were a lot of shops around.

This big fish was located at Meriken Park. According to my friend, he said this was a production from a well known Japanese Artist production.

Meriken Park is Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park which was destructed by Kobe earthquake. However, this is a famous travel spot now. Moreover, this is a beautiful waterfront park in Kobe. You can have wonderful and busy sea view at this park.

I not sure what is this for. But, I think this is an interesting building structure that built near the seaside. This is one of the famous building here.

Around the Meriken Park, a red tall ironic tower which called as Kobe Tower was built. This is 108 meters high. The tower is opened for tourists to visit with each entrance fee is 600 yen.

Beside the Meriken Park, you can ride the ship to have a better view of this port. I not sure the fees for each ride. Anyway, there are few types of ship you can choose to ride such as Royal Princess, Ocean Prince, Villaggio Italia, and Fantasy.

Even though there were a lot of people walking around this port, a lot of birds still staying there too.

Another 5 minutes walk from Meriken park, there were a lot of shopping center, amusement part and restaurants which called as Harbourland. For instance, those shopping center are Konan, Mosaic, Kobe Hankyu Department store, Ha-re and etc. In December, everywhere had a lot of Christmas decoration and Santa Clauses was coming to this town as well.

One of the landmark in Harbourland is Ferris wheel at the small amusement park of Mosaic.

Next attraction in Kobe is Nankinmachi which normally known as Chinatown. Along this streets were decorated with a lot of red "tang lung". Basically, there were a lot of Chinese restaurants.

Another interesting attraction in Kobe city is Kitano-cho. In this area, a lot of houses which opened as museum to introduce the olden time of Kobe. Those museums are Moegi House, Kazamidori-no-Yakata, American Teddy Bear Museum, Kobe Kitano Museums and a lot more. Each museum has to pay entrance fee. Hmm ... I think this is impossible to visit all museum because this might be cos a lot of money. Anyway, you still can snap a lot of wonderful photos surrounding this Kitano even though you are not enter into the museum.

This house is called as Kazamidori-no-Yakata a.k.a Weathercrock House. This was an old resident by Thomas who was German architect. Furthermore, this is free entrance fee. Anyway, this was a double stories house was built in 1909. You can enjoy the ancient living style in Kobe. (*^_^*)

~bye bye Kobe ~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nara - here and there

Nara is part of Kansai region as well. In the period between 710 to 784 years, Nara was capital city of Japan which called as Nara period. However during Heian period, the Emperor Kammu decided to relocated the capital city in Nagaoka-ku. Now-a-day, Nara city brings up a lot traditional ancient style of Japan from the olden time.

No matter you are going from Osaka or Kyoto, you can take JR line or Kintetsu line to Nara city. Once you reach the Nara station, you can get the tourist map from railway counter. You can request help from the allocated staffs there if you have any enquiry. For me going from Kyoto, JR line was cheaper than Kintetsu line. However, Kintetsu line is nearer to most of the landmarks in Nara.

One of the famous animal is mouse deer. There were a lot of mouse deers walking around the city especially at Nara Park. For Nara people, they believed that the white mouse deer was transformed by god in olden time. Thus, the deer was classified as animal from heaven that came to protect the city and country.

Around the city, you can buy the deer food which called as senbei to feed the deer. For you information, senbei actually is rice cracker.

Anyway, I found out an interesting notice board in 4 languages which advised visitors be careful to those mouse deer. The reason is the deer may attack people especially to children and old people.

Due to time consuming, I was able to visit one of the famous place in Nara which called as Todaiki a.k.a Nigatsudo.

A kid with antlers was a famous mascot in Nara. You can get a lot of cute deer relate merchandises at near by souvenir shops as well.

Anyway, bye bye Nara...... Wonderful trip even though time consuming. The most important experience here was due with the mouse deer all over the city. At the end of the trip, I went back by Kintetsu line.

Monday, March 7, 2011

All about Osaka travel story

Osaka is the second largest economic city in Japan also known as Namba in olden time. However, the name had changed into Osaka during Meiji period. In fact, Osaka is a big city. In my opinion, shopping is the best thing to do in a city. Nevertheless, there are a lot of places to visit in Osaka as well. What are the places ??

Shin-Umeda City

Shin-Umeda City is a floating garden concept's building. Moreover, this is 173 meters high building. The entrance fee was 700 yens per adult. You can take the JR line stop at Osaka station and get out from Center North Exit. Then, you just need to walk about 5 to 10 minutes to reach Shin-Umeda City.The specialty of this building is you can go out to the sky walk and enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view in the open air condition. I can say that this is very cold during winter with the strong wind blow. However, this provided an amazing view of Osaka city especially at night. In this building, you can find out a lot of couple dating around. Moreover, you can have a cup of nice coffee and enjoy the view. This was quite relaxing as well. Official Website:

Shinsaibashi area and surrounding

Next, of course is shopping time. Shinsaibashi is one of the best shopping area in Osaka. Depend where are you from, you can take either take JR line or Hankyu line to Osaka Station. After that, change to Midosuji subway to Shinsaibasi station. Then, you can reach there easily. You can find out a lot of different brands here or big department store such as Daimaru. For those who like H2M, you can get those average price items in this shop too. I was staying in Kyoto. For fashion items, you can get cheaper items here compared to Kyoto. I found out that Japan's stocking and leggings were very feminine and cute. That was a reason why I bought a lot of them.

Uniqlo is one of the Japanese economic brand here. In this shop, they sell all kind of clothing such as the clothing range from kid to adult, from female to male and from casual to formal. I bought a lot of heat tech clothing and legging because these kept me warm during winter with reasonable price. Official website:

Dotomboni is famous because of delicious food available here. This is just next to Shinsaibaisi. In this photo, this is basically sixth-stories building. Furthermore, you can get a lot of interesting stuffs such as costume, funny items or "unknown" items here. Next to Dotomboni, Americamura is not so far away. In this Americamura as known as American village, you can get a lot of Europeans and young fashion items. Furthermore, there is a 300 yens store which you can prepare cheap and nice souvenir for your friends.

In Dotonboni, you can't miss the famous ramen. Move over, the soup was sweet and tasty. Another famous food in Osaka is takoyaki. You can get the most originate tasty takoyaki from Dotonboni as well. However, I didn't try this even though I went there a lot of times. The reasons were too many people line up to buy the takoyaki and I was rushing time as well. (CRY) .. Anyway, I had no fate with with it. Next, yogurt from Yogurtland is worth to try too if you like dessert. But, please remember that the price is based on the weigh of the yogurt in your paper cup.

Osumiyaki is worth to try as well. Basically, there were some vegetable, meats, egg and something unknown stuffs gill on the hot plate in front of you. This was quite interesting. However, you may smoke with the food's smell all over your body.

Umeda City

A lot of higher end department store around Umeda Station. One of the special department store is Hep Five. At the top of Hep Five building, there was a bright red colour Ferris wheel. For this Ferris wheel, you can observe the Umeda city view. Official Website:

Besides Hep Five, there are a lot of department store such as Hep Navio, Yodobashi, The Hilton Plaza, Comme Ca Store, Hankyu department, Hanshin department, Loft and etc. For those not so higher end brand, you can get it from Hankyu Sanbangai or Hankyu market street. All the places listed above are not so far away, and there are just walking distance apart only. For those who like electronic stuffs, you can get it from Yodobashi.

Christmas was just around the corner, there were some decoration around Osaka city. There were not a lot of illumination decoration. But, this was beautiful enough.

Osaka Castle Jo / Kyobashi

Next, Osaka jo is somewhere around Kyobashi. A lot of people wander around this park. Furthermore, there are mini train service which travel around the Osaka Castle park. Each ride is 200 yen.

Osaka castle is one of the historical castle. Anyway, the history background you can check from their official website: The entrance fee is 600 per adult. The castle is opening from 9am to 5pm. In this castle, you can spend 300 yen and try to put on their traditional clothing with photo taken.

Next to the castle, there is Osaka Historical Museum. Each entry cost about 600 yen for adult and free admission for children. Basically, this is exhibited about the history of Osaka. Official website:

In Osaka, I found out reading the railway map was a challenged to me. Anyway, once you get familiar with the map you can travel smoothly all over the place in Osaka. Enjoyy ~~ Yahooo !!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kanebo Sales shopping day

Back From Kanebo warehouse sales. This was my first time bought so many cosmetic in one time. Furthermore, there were Kanebo!! I think this is quite expensive for me. Anyway, I bought, long gel mascara, mascara base, and eye liner gel from Kate series. For Coffret D'or series, I bought a plate of eye shadow. Actually, I didn't know the different between Kate series and Coffret D'or. However, I think only different is price. For instance, Coffret D'or is more expensive than Kate.

I had used few types of mascara before, for example, Maybelline Volume mascara, Maybelline cat eyes mascara, and The Body Shop double intensity mascara. I like The Body Shop double intensity mascara most. The reasons are eyelashes are divided after apply and easier remove even I didn't use any special eye make up remover. On the other hand, I not really like Maybelline product because of this is harder to remove cleanly from your eyelashes. However, I bought cat eyes mascara because of this is Hello Kitty limited editions product, this is better than other Maybelline typical mascara. Nevertheless, I seldom use due to this is difficult to remove from eyelashes.

Anyway, I used up all mascara already. Then, I bought Kate series long gel mascara and base mascara. From their explanation, apply base mascara first before gel mascara because of this action are used to prolong the curliness and make it long lasting. I still haven't try this. Anyway, I will try this is someday later.

Next, gel liner from Kate. Anyway, I used to use gel liner because of the colour easier to put on compared to pencil type liner. Furthermore, this is easier to dry after you draw on your eyelid compared to liquid liner. However, I found out this is difficult to draw with the brush (from Sasa)that I am using currently. After that, I tried this when I came back home. I can say that the eyeliner brush from Kate is fine and tiny. Moreover, you can apply finer and smoother eyeliner on your eyelid. Oh my god, I like it!! This make my life easier ~~

For so many years I used cosmetic products, I like Kate eye shadow most. Maybe I didn't try other higher end brands. I think Kate eye shadow is the best for me. The colour blend well together when you apply on your eyelid. In addition, the colour series are new and trendy. Moreover, all the colours are shinning.

This is my first time try Coffret D'or series eye shadow. Of course, this is more expensive. According to the market price, this is selling about RM100++. However, I just got this from warehouse sales with RM50 only. In fact, this is almost same price with normal price of eye shadow from Kate series. Certainly, I can try something new. Moreover, the casing from Coffret D'or series is more elegant. Anyway, I still haven't try this. ~~ Lets do it sometime later too !! haha ~~

In a conclusion, I enjoyed the shopping day especially during sale. To be a savvy consumer, why not try to grab those things during sales which you need to use them too. (*^_^*)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Universal Studio Japan (part 2)

Continue from Universal Studio Japan (part 1)'s post which talked more about theme park, this post will talk more about event activities, restaurant, and merchandise.

Animation characters parade are available few times per day. To be sure, you can check the schedule from Japanese written leaflet because this schedule was not written in other language version leaflet. Nonetheless, this is not so difficult to know the exact time from Japanese version leaflet because you just need to identify the time that's all. And, you can actually ignore those others "unknown" words.

From the parade, you able to meet Snoopy and Friends, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther, Sesame street characters and etc. During last Christmas season, snowman and ginger bread were joining the parade as well. On the other hand, some artificial snow was dropping from the sky. Thus, I can feel the Christmas was just around the corner.

As I said that Christmas was just around the corner, of course we cant miss the giant Christmas tree and Santa Claus. You can take photo with Santa Claus as well. However, you have to pay about 1000yen to get a print out from Universal Studio. Anyway, worth or not worth still depend on you.

In this studio, you can get some face painting service from the staffs. There are quite a lot of design for you to choose. For this picture, this little girl was painting with their winter limited edition design. Kawaii ne (Cute) ~~ Haha, Actually, I asked my friend to do this. Anyway, he said this was not a problem to paint on face when you still inside the studio. However, this is kinda weird too when leave the studio with your painting face. (=.=''''') Haha...alright... Anyway, we were staying in Kyoto which quite far away from this studio.

Is time to EAT !!! Snoopy Blacklot Cafe is the cutest cafe here. For instance, Snoopy shape bun and a lot of Snoopy food products are available here.

Hello Kitty bun and Snoopy bun's street food are available between Waterworld theme park to Jaws theme park. In fact, Hello Kitty bun is stawberry bun, and snoopy bun is banana with sweet bean paste bun. One of it is 370yen and price for three buns are 1100yen.

Amity Landing Restaurant and Mel's Drive In Restaurant are western serve restaurant. Basically, most of the food here (and other restaurant) are a bit pricy with small portion of food. Anyway, you can choose the best theme restaurant environment that you like most to have your meal(s).

This coin pitch games's gifts were cute. Furthemore, It looked easier to win the prize because I saw a lot of children were hugging those kawaii Elmo. After that, we bought 10 chances to throw the coin with 1000yen. But unfortunately, the Elmo did not go back home with me. (T.T) cry ~~

A lot of sorvenier shops are available there. In addition, you can get a lot of limited editions only from USJ here. Sesame street is the most famous products there. Even though I like it, I didnt buy anyone of it. Haha.... Because I spent most of my money on something else.

Yes, here is she -- my beloved Hello Kitty. I hope I can bring the whole shop back home. Kitty chan is soooooooo kawaii. I bought two note books, 2 mechanical pencils, few key chains and ....forget. I wish to buy those soft toy. However, this is a bit difficult for me to bring back to my home country.

In Jurassic Park, you can find a lot of dinasaur mechandises. I found out one of the interesting product was the T-rex cap. When you put on the T-rex cap on your head, other people may think that your head is bitting by a small T-rex. Kawaiiii ~~~~ XD

There are a lot lot more shop and activities available. Unfortunately, I did not have chance to visit all one by one. my advice is early planing is the best. Therefore, you will not miss the particular themes that you desire to go.

Anyway, end of the trip ~~~ Bye bye my beloved cartoon characters. I will miss you ..