Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Penang food tour

What is the most famous in Penang ?? Of course is FOOD... Everyone knows know that Penang food is the most delicious compared to other area in Malaysia. 

As we went for the marathon run last weekend, of course we tried out a lot of delicious food in Penang.

 #1 Teow Chew porridge 

 #2: Lok Ba 

 #3: Cendol

 #4: Fried chicken skin

 #5: Mee rebus (dry)

 #6: Fried Oyster

 #7: Mua chi 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Allianz Penang Bridge Marathon 2011

I had contributed my first marathon run to Allianz Penang Bridge Marathon 2011 last weekend.  Nevertheless, I wish that I can come back to join next year. This was an awesome event that you cant miss. According to some of the newspaper information, this marathon was the biggest run which contributed by around 30K people worldwide. Furthermore, this large population break the Malaysia record. And, I so proud to be one of them.  

This marathon was held at 20 of November and the starting point at Queensbay Mall for full and half marathon. For 10km and fun run's runners, the starting point was allocated next to Eastin Hotel.

We had to come a day earlier to register our name and collect the bag that prepared by the organizer. Inside the bag, it included a runner shirt, number tag and guide book. 

Then, we rest a night at Penang. Some of my friends joined half marathon, they actually woke up quite early in the morning which I also not remember what time (Haha .. because I was sleeping like a pig). While I joined the 10km run, we gathered at the starting point before 6am. They allocated 1 and half hour for 10km runners to complete the race.

10km was an impossible task especially for me without any stamina nor exercise cells in my body. But, running to the bridge was my only motivation. On the bridge, I felt quite cold because of the wind blew strongly from the seaside. And, I enjoyed to watch the sun rise while running.  

After I ran down from the bridge, there were a lot of notices to show the end point distance. Furthermore, this was the most powerful motivation for me to generate more cells to run to the finish line with my tired body.  

Near the end point, a lot of people cheer for us. I couldn't believe myself I did it.

I got the finisher medal. Faster make applause to myself. I will come back again next year (18 Nov 2012). Although late a bit compared to the allocation time, next year I want to make a better result. Gambate ne ~~

Chip time: 1:39:31.77
Gun time: 1:44:02.55

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