Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yogurtland in Osaka - Nanba Park

For those who like dessert or yogurt, I think this is a right place for you to hang around. This is a shop which only sell yogurt. I usually not really like to eat yogurt due to the taste which I feel like difficult to swallow. But in this Yogurtland, you can find a lot of different taste of yogurt that you like. The most important, this is zero calorie. This is a good dessert for those who are on diet.

#1: This is the Yogurtland that located in Nanba park Osaka.

#2: This yogurt shop has the similar concept just like Subway. You can scoop whatever flavour that you like into the paper cup. Then, proceed to topping area. In this topping area, you can add whatever you like which including fruit, nada de coco, candy, walnut and etc. The last step is pay money at the cashier. The price is count by total weight of the paper cup, yogurt and topping.

#3: This is Yogurtland's paper cup

#4: I choose raspberry, peach and kiwi 's flavour. And Kitto choose green tea, chocolate and another one which I don know. Haha ... I think the raspberry and green tea are the best flavour !! (^.^) V

#5: The texture of this yogurt very soft. Something like ice cream, but not totally ice cream. You can feel a little bit with ice, but not really so. I just can describe this is something taste good, soft with little of ice... like that ~~ cool .. I like it !!

#6: This is me in Yogurtland.

Haha... Anyway I had a nice trip here. I think this is will be the only yogurt that I like !! .. haha .. delicious .. Yeah !!

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