Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kyoto Station

This is a railway station that located in Kyoto and name as Kyoto Station. This is one of the main station.

#1: This is the entrance look of the Kyoto Station. Left side of the station is the railway and right side of the station is Isetan. Up to the top of the Kyoto station, this is a platform for you to view the Kyoto City.

#2: This is the ceiling* of Kyoto station.
* I not sure does it call ceilling ?? haha ..

#3: I was going to the top of the Kyoto Station.

#4: Just half way, Not yet to the top .. Haha .. XD .. This is so far away.

#5: I was standing at the top of the Kyoto Station. This is so far and away from the entrance.

#6: This is Kyoto Tower that just beside the Kyoto Station. You may think that this is not so special. Haha ... But, in Japan, There are a lot of tower in different area .. just like this.
#7: We were going down, and ready to Saga-Arashiyama
Bye bye ~~ Saga Arashiyama, I am coming !!

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