Friday, October 8, 2010

Japan, here I come

Hello, the long journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Changi Airport. Then, fly from Changi to Japan Osaka Airport. This was a tiring journey especially mid night flight and I couldn't sleep at all. Anyway, I was safety landing in Osaka Airport yesterday. Then, I took shuttle bus to my apartment which located in Hiyoshigaoka, Kyoto. This is not very far between Kyoto and Osaka, but the journey still took one and half hour and I slept like a pig. From this experiment, I can conclude that bus is more suitable and comfortable sleep than flight. Haha ~~~
Arrangement here were very organise and systematic. A lot people waiting for me once I landing here. The person in charge for my transportation, He was standing and holding with my name card. Then, once I reached my apartment, a guy was sitting at the entrance door and waiting for me only. I can see that he was quite boring that time. XD Anyway, Thanks a lot for their kindness.

Then, I am here to attached some of the photo of my room as below:

#1: my room door - left side is shoe rack, right side is kitchen

#2: my kitchen and fridge that is on the floor

#3: bathroom attach with toilet. not very big but still have a bathtub

#4: this is my room with bed and study table

V1: this is a video where from my room's window look out view.

With a Shinkansen (bullet train) ~~

Once I settle down, of course walked around the city and shopping mood was ON. (My brother will sweat a lot at home and thinking please save my wallet). Haha. Of course I will remember this. Those are my shopping items here:

#5: actually I never thinking of buy this items. You know, my sandal broke in Changi Airport. This was so difficult to get a sandal because all the brand are Soooooo expensive such as Burberry, LV, Gucci and Coach. Haihsss. But at the end, I found out that Chales and Keith was there. Anyway, I dont care already. Then, I chose the cheapest one and bought my first Chales and Keith sandal from Singapore Changi Airport.

#6: The second items that I bought was shoe from Zara. Hmm, actually I was thinking to buy boat. Because of my sandal make my feet very pain once I walking for few hours, then I decided to bought this shoe to change immediate.

#7: my kitchen has all type of kitchen tools but without cup and bowl. =.=''' I tried to search for it in the market. Anyway, I cant find a normal glass type cup and bowl. At the end, I bought both of these item that made from ceramic which look very Japanese style.

OK la.. I think today I stop here today. To be continue soon !! cheersss ~~

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