Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parfait time ~~ in kyoto shijo

Dessert time !!!!! Yeah, to all ladies, must check this. I had been to Karafuneya Coffee shop in Shijo Kyoto. This is a special dessert shop. Parfait is famous here. Not believe? check here .. ~~

#1: This is Karafuneya coffee house's manu

#2: Woooo ... all parfait .. ~~~

#3: More parfait .. ~~ delicious .. which should I choose?

#4: This is Autumn collection manu ... I choose Yam chocolate ~~

#5: This is Jumbo parfait .. more than 10,000 yen each. Price difference depend which you want.

#6: This is close up picture for the Jumbo parfait which is 10,000 yen. This is equivalent to RM350. Do you want to eat this ?

#7: This is my Autumn collection yam chocolate parfait... Look delicious right ? haha .. This is 780yen..

#8: I was gonna eat this .. haha .. XD
Oiishi ~~ Love ya ..

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