Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last Saturday, I went to Saga Arashiyama. You can actually take the train from Kyoto Station, then stop at Saga Arashiyama station. What is interesting there? This is bamboo garden which is located in Kyoto also. Furthermore, this is a countryside of the Kyoto. Then, you can experience Japanese culture here.

#1: This is Saga-Arashiyama Station. Once you reach this station, you have to walk about 10 to 15 minutes before you reach the bamboo garden.

#2: This is bamboo garden. The bamboo is just along the pathway. According to Kitto san, not everyone will come and visit this place if they are coming with travel agent. I felt that I am lucky because I have to visit this place.

#3: This bamboo garden is so beautiful. I like the peaceful environment here. And, I kept thinking of this is sugar cane... ?? =.=''' haha ... I just mean that this was looked like sugar cane. Anyway, this is still bamboo... ~~ haha ... Don't mistaken as sugar cane.

#4: This is one of the shrine in this bamboo garden. I didn't visit this place because visitors have to pay the entrance fee. I think that not really worth because there are a lot of famous and more beautiful temple or shrine in Kyoto city. In addition, some of it get the world heritage award.

#5: This is Nonomiya shrine. A lot of people here because no need to pay entrance fee. haha .. Anyway, a lot of young people here. According to local people, this shrine is popular to improve your study luck and love luck.

#6: This is located in the Nonomiya shrine. Most of the people will write their wishes on this wood. Then, they will hang on this rack to wish their dreams come true.

#7: This is the ice-cream store just next to the bamboo garden. If you come here, you must try this ice-cream. All the ice-cream's flavour are tea's flavour.

#8: I was eating ocha and oolong cha's flavour. I can say that this is DELICIOUS .. oiishii yo .. I wish that I can eat this again.

#9: This is the snack store just behind Kitto. Anyway, you can get different local snack from this store. Not so expensive, but delicious.

#10: This is potato's flavour snack. You can get this from the snack store. The texture of this potato is soft but not dry. This is little sweet taste. Good good .. !!

#11: Tofu is one of the famous snack in Kyoto. This store is mainly sell difference's flavour of tofu which can divide in cold tofu and hot tofu.

#12: Hot white tofu on the left, cold green tofu on the right.
~ Enjoy ~

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