Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What my friends said (In Japan now)

Last Friday, Japan was facing big disasters. Most serious areas were affected by Sendai, Fukushima and Tokyo. Finally, I had received all safety notes from my friends who are staying in Japan right now. What did they say ?

Picture from Google Map

Fukuoka (Japanese) - My host family said that they are safe and having normal daily life. But, they felt sad about the disasters happened in their country.

Kyoto (Japanese and various international friends) - Most of my friends said they felt a bit shaking in the class and may be the class was located on the 6th floors. They thought the earthquake 6.0 magnitude only. However, they only knew there were tsunami hit and the 8.9 magnitude after the class. Some of them went back to their home country last weekend even though the class will be ended end of March.

Nagano (Malaysian) - She felt stronger tremor than my Kyoto friends. The tremor kept on repeating through out the day. She scared when she was staying alone in the room. Initial plan, she will go back to her home country after Sakura season. Anyway, She came back home yesterday.

Shizuoka (neighbour travel) - They went to visit mount Fuji. The house was shaking terribly. The tremor kept on repeating. Then, they went to airport and looked for flight tickets. Finally, they used about RM6000 to buy an one way economic class ticket.

Tokyo (Japanese) - She felt strong tremor earthquake in Tokyo. This earthquake kept on repeating frequently. She claimed that Tokyo buildings are strong and ready to face the strong earthquake. In fact, people in Japan are well trained to face the disaster. Thus, we no need too worry about their conditions.

Sendai (Japanese) - He replied three days after the disasters due to phone and internet connection were terminated. In his mail, he said that everything was gone. His old hostel was corrupted also. In fact, all his memories things were gone. During that moment, he thought that he may die because of this killer earthquake. Anyway, He felt he is lucky because he is alive now. Furthermore, he felt miserable because he couldn't get any latest information from government due to lost of TV and other media communication tools. He got limited gasoline as well. Now, electrical and water supply are scheduled for affected areas.

Newspaper was still showing the disasters that affected Japan everyday. I can't imagine a beautiful country that I came back 3 months ago became like this. I am glad to hear that everyone of them are safe now. Let's pray for the others as well.


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