Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kanebo Sales shopping day

Back From Kanebo warehouse sales. This was my first time bought so many cosmetic in one time. Furthermore, there were Kanebo!! I think this is quite expensive for me. Anyway, I bought, long gel mascara, mascara base, and eye liner gel from Kate series. For Coffret D'or series, I bought a plate of eye shadow. Actually, I didn't know the different between Kate series and Coffret D'or. However, I think only different is price. For instance, Coffret D'or is more expensive than Kate.

I had used few types of mascara before, for example, Maybelline Volume mascara, Maybelline cat eyes mascara, and The Body Shop double intensity mascara. I like The Body Shop double intensity mascara most. The reasons are eyelashes are divided after apply and easier remove even I didn't use any special eye make up remover. On the other hand, I not really like Maybelline product because of this is harder to remove cleanly from your eyelashes. However, I bought cat eyes mascara because of this is Hello Kitty limited editions product, this is better than other Maybelline typical mascara. Nevertheless, I seldom use due to this is difficult to remove from eyelashes.

Anyway, I used up all mascara already. Then, I bought Kate series long gel mascara and base mascara. From their explanation, apply base mascara first before gel mascara because of this action are used to prolong the curliness and make it long lasting. I still haven't try this. Anyway, I will try this is someday later.

Next, gel liner from Kate. Anyway, I used to use gel liner because of the colour easier to put on compared to pencil type liner. Furthermore, this is easier to dry after you draw on your eyelid compared to liquid liner. However, I found out this is difficult to draw with the brush (from Sasa)that I am using currently. After that, I tried this when I came back home. I can say that the eyeliner brush from Kate is fine and tiny. Moreover, you can apply finer and smoother eyeliner on your eyelid. Oh my god, I like it!! This make my life easier ~~

For so many years I used cosmetic products, I like Kate eye shadow most. Maybe I didn't try other higher end brands. I think Kate eye shadow is the best for me. The colour blend well together when you apply on your eyelid. In addition, the colour series are new and trendy. Moreover, all the colours are shinning.

This is my first time try Coffret D'or series eye shadow. Of course, this is more expensive. According to the market price, this is selling about RM100++. However, I just got this from warehouse sales with RM50 only. In fact, this is almost same price with normal price of eye shadow from Kate series. Certainly, I can try something new. Moreover, the casing from Coffret D'or series is more elegant. Anyway, I still haven't try this. ~~ Lets do it sometime later too !! haha ~~

In a conclusion, I enjoyed the shopping day especially during sale. To be a savvy consumer, why not try to grab those things during sales which you need to use them too. (*^_^*)

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