Friday, March 4, 2011

Universal Studio Japan (part 2)

Continue from Universal Studio Japan (part 1)'s post which talked more about theme park, this post will talk more about event activities, restaurant, and merchandise.

Animation characters parade are available few times per day. To be sure, you can check the schedule from Japanese written leaflet because this schedule was not written in other language version leaflet. Nonetheless, this is not so difficult to know the exact time from Japanese version leaflet because you just need to identify the time that's all. And, you can actually ignore those others "unknown" words.

From the parade, you able to meet Snoopy and Friends, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther, Sesame street characters and etc. During last Christmas season, snowman and ginger bread were joining the parade as well. On the other hand, some artificial snow was dropping from the sky. Thus, I can feel the Christmas was just around the corner.

As I said that Christmas was just around the corner, of course we cant miss the giant Christmas tree and Santa Claus. You can take photo with Santa Claus as well. However, you have to pay about 1000yen to get a print out from Universal Studio. Anyway, worth or not worth still depend on you.

In this studio, you can get some face painting service from the staffs. There are quite a lot of design for you to choose. For this picture, this little girl was painting with their winter limited edition design. Kawaii ne (Cute) ~~ Haha, Actually, I asked my friend to do this. Anyway, he said this was not a problem to paint on face when you still inside the studio. However, this is kinda weird too when leave the studio with your painting face. (=.=''''') Haha...alright... Anyway, we were staying in Kyoto which quite far away from this studio.

Is time to EAT !!! Snoopy Blacklot Cafe is the cutest cafe here. For instance, Snoopy shape bun and a lot of Snoopy food products are available here.

Hello Kitty bun and Snoopy bun's street food are available between Waterworld theme park to Jaws theme park. In fact, Hello Kitty bun is stawberry bun, and snoopy bun is banana with sweet bean paste bun. One of it is 370yen and price for three buns are 1100yen.

Amity Landing Restaurant and Mel's Drive In Restaurant are western serve restaurant. Basically, most of the food here (and other restaurant) are a bit pricy with small portion of food. Anyway, you can choose the best theme restaurant environment that you like most to have your meal(s).

This coin pitch games's gifts were cute. Furthemore, It looked easier to win the prize because I saw a lot of children were hugging those kawaii Elmo. After that, we bought 10 chances to throw the coin with 1000yen. But unfortunately, the Elmo did not go back home with me. (T.T) cry ~~

A lot of sorvenier shops are available there. In addition, you can get a lot of limited editions only from USJ here. Sesame street is the most famous products there. Even though I like it, I didnt buy anyone of it. Haha.... Because I spent most of my money on something else.

Yes, here is she -- my beloved Hello Kitty. I hope I can bring the whole shop back home. Kitty chan is soooooooo kawaii. I bought two note books, 2 mechanical pencils, few key chains and ....forget. I wish to buy those soft toy. However, this is a bit difficult for me to bring back to my home country.

In Jurassic Park, you can find a lot of dinasaur mechandises. I found out one of the interesting product was the T-rex cap. When you put on the T-rex cap on your head, other people may think that your head is bitting by a small T-rex. Kawaiiii ~~~~ XD

There are a lot lot more shop and activities available. Unfortunately, I did not have chance to visit all one by one. my advice is early planing is the best. Therefore, you will not miss the particular themes that you desire to go.

Anyway, end of the trip ~~~ Bye bye my beloved cartoon characters. I will miss you ..

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