Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nara - here and there

Nara is part of Kansai region as well. In the period between 710 to 784 years, Nara was capital city of Japan which called as Nara period. However during Heian period, the Emperor Kammu decided to relocated the capital city in Nagaoka-ku. Now-a-day, Nara city brings up a lot traditional ancient style of Japan from the olden time.

No matter you are going from Osaka or Kyoto, you can take JR line or Kintetsu line to Nara city. Once you reach the Nara station, you can get the tourist map from railway counter. You can request help from the allocated staffs there if you have any enquiry. For me going from Kyoto, JR line was cheaper than Kintetsu line. However, Kintetsu line is nearer to most of the landmarks in Nara.

One of the famous animal is mouse deer. There were a lot of mouse deers walking around the city especially at Nara Park. For Nara people, they believed that the white mouse deer was transformed by god in olden time. Thus, the deer was classified as animal from heaven that came to protect the city and country.

Around the city, you can buy the deer food which called as senbei to feed the deer. For you information, senbei actually is rice cracker.

Anyway, I found out an interesting notice board in 4 languages which advised visitors be careful to those mouse deer. The reason is the deer may attack people especially to children and old people.

Due to time consuming, I was able to visit one of the famous place in Nara which called as Todaiki a.k.a Nigatsudo.

A kid with antlers was a famous mascot in Nara. You can get a lot of cute deer relate merchandises at near by souvenir shops as well.

Anyway, bye bye Nara...... Wonderful trip even though time consuming. The most important experience here was due with the mouse deer all over the city. At the end of the trip, I went back by Kintetsu line.

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