Thursday, March 3, 2011

Universal Studio Japan (Part 1)

Finally, I went to Universal Studio Japan last winter. This was an amazing trip that you cant miss when you go Osaka. This place was located in Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka. You can go to this place by train. Depend the place where you are staying now, you can take Hankyu line and change to JR line at Osaka station, or you can take Keihan line and change to JR line at Kyobashi station. In addition, you can direct take the JR line straight to Universal studio. But, this is kinda expensive compared to Keihan and Hankyu line.

This is JR line map to Universal studio. No matter which line are you taking, you still need to stop at Nishikyujo station and change to sakurajima line in JR line. This is a special line that go to Universal Studio Japan. Ok done. ~~

Once you reach there, you can feel the animation feeling that surrounding you. Furthermore, all the buildings even outside the studio are look animated design. Those shops are interesting. Anyway, you can find Lawson, Hagen daze, Hard Rock Cafe, souvenir shops and many restaurants are available there.

The admission fee is 6100yen for adult 1 day pass or 10,500yen for adult two days pass. As you know that there are a lot of people from different world visit this studio. You may need to wait for you turn to enjoy the games or movies. Sometimes it may cause you to wait more than an hour. Solution for this situation, you can get the express booklet from the counter that you buy ticket. Of course you need to pay extra. The prices depend which package are you taking. The express pass means you can access to special lane which you no need to wait for the long Q.

What is interesting there? You can try to enjoy 4D movies. In this 4D cinema, you can watch Sherk in the morning and Sesame Street in the evening. I can comment that the Sherk is better and interesting than Sesame Street. However, Sesame Street will be interesting too for children. The reason is the Sesame Street is a bit childish for us.

Jurassic Park is a place for you to see dinosaur by riding a boat. I didn't try this because we might get wet and I might feel very cold in this winter. Anyway, the Jurassic Park is decorated just like the movie showed.

Spiderman theme I think is the best here. You cant miss this. In this ride, you can take a "train" (I think). Then, the train will follow the movie scene and move around. On the other word, this is similar to 4D movie. However, this is more interesting and adventure "moving" movie. Thus, you can feel yourself which is located inside the movie.

Waterworld is another live show. This has movie showtime. Thus, you need to check the time before you visit this place. Then, you can reduce the waste time for waiting purpose only. In this live show, you might get wet due to the actors or actresses ride the jet in this Small pool. To avoid getting wet, you can choose back seat.

Rock and roll is a musical show that performs by monsters, zombies, and other science aliens. This will be interesting if you understand Japanese. The show takes about 30 minutes. Another show such as Animation Celebration's performance is combined between a real human and a cartoon character. This show is about how a cartoon author due with the created naughty cartoon character that comes to real world. This show takes about 20 minutes. Both shows are scheduled.

In Jaw theme, you can take a boat to enjoy the sharks surrounding you. You might get wet in this theme. I didn't ride this theme due to my easier "heart attack" friend. Haha... anyway, I think this is not that horrible also. However, the queues was extremely long. Other than that, you can take photo with the big shark that hangs in front of the Jaws main entrance. Anyway, you have to pay about 1000yen to get the photo that prints by staffs. Another option, you can request them help you to take photo with your own camera. But, this is kinda weird I think... XD

Toto and friends and OZ land are located in the same area. Both themes are like fairy tale story background design. Both are some live show or movie?? I not sure about that because I didn't get into the hall due to time consuming. Sad ~~ Anyway, I hope enjoy someday again when I re-visit to Osaka...

In my opinion, this is impossible to visit all the theme within a day. Then, early planing is the best to avoid the waste of time. You are not the only one person to visit this studio. Thus, waiting time should be considered while you are planing too.

To be continue *****



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