Sunday, September 5, 2010

My hand craft ~~~

What I did during these few months after convocation?

Somebody may think that, I am really nothing to do ~~

But this doesn't matter, Because I had fill my "free" time with these craft works...

First person must thanks to sing yee la of course ~~ haha ... Without her influence, I will not start craft work ~~

Second is poh yoke la ~~ haha .. ~~ of course she gave me some advice to make crochet ~~

#1 cake with candle
hmmm.....feel something wrong with this, because I inserted the cotton ball into the cake. Thus, I feel that once I press the cake, the cake hard to return to it normal shape =.='''

#2 Orange Cake
This is a failure production because the orange look weired. haha .. this is because I accidentally sew the orange slide up side down ..

#3 Orange Slide
I think that these orange slides should replace the orange slide that showed in photo #2

#4 Chocolate cake
So far, I like this most.. The reason one of my friend thought this is a real cake when I present this as a birthday cake... haha .. ~~

#5 On going half kg stawberry cake
Acutally, I felt that most of the time I spend on cutting and inserting the string into the needle. And I used the longest time to make because of my mummy always complained my room look like rubbish room .. @.@ alright, I just keep this on going product into my cupboard T.T

#6 Complete stawberry cake
Finally, I did it without scolding by my mummy. Hooorayyy .. Anyway, this is the close up photo to stawberry .. hehe .. ~~

#7 side view of stawberry cake
It looks as big as half kg cake. I divided it into 4 slides of cake. Then, I joined them together with a ribbon.

#8 top view of stawberry cake
Finally, it is done. Haha .. so far, this is not so difficult to make it. Sewing is not difficult. But, it really take time and your patient.

I really hope that my host parent will like this stawberry cake ... (*^_^*)

#9 crochet production ~~
Next, is crochet production... Anyway, I will continue to make this because ..... it makes less dust to my room. And the most important, my mummy will not scold me again ~~ haha .. !! >o<
#10 crochet hairband 1

#11 crochet hairband 2
#12 crochet hairband 3
~~~~~ Happy Forever And Enjoy Everyday~~~~~

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