Thursday, September 9, 2010

My crochet hello kitty

Hello, New production again. I felt happy that I just went back from book fair and I got a lot of books. And, I got a lot of crochet books with cheaper price. Yes, this is a good news. Anyway, I tried to make a Hello Kitty toy. I used very long time to figure out to read the plan. Finally, I did it. Yes, I did it.

#1 Hello, my name is Hello Kitty

#2 did she look alike with me? haha, Actually, we are twins.

#3 She is my friend. Her name is Melody ...

#4 She is my friend too. She looks similar with me, but she looks like a rabbit too ..

Must thanks to Mr. Sunny ~~ hehe .. Thanks ya, this is cute ~~

#5 Ohhhhh ... You are Kitty too .. haha .. Happy family ~~


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