Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mina fans gathering with Lee You Qun (李佑群)

I had attended a fashion talk which organised by Mina Magazine at Top and Bottom Boutique (figure 1) that located at Kuchai Lama. The special guess was Lee You Qun (李佑群). In this talk, he talked about tips of mix & match and theory of autumn fashion.

Figure 1: Top and Bottom Boutique

Who is him? He is a Taiwanese and major in Journalism as shown in figure 2. He always appears in the Mina Magazine to explain about Mix and Match. Furthermore, he also a fashion director from other magazines. And, he actives to promote the fashion culture around Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chinese area and Japan.

Figure 2: Lee You Qun (李佑群)

A slogan that described him: he is a familiar sign, a pleasant feeling that belongs to women's fashion world.

What is mean by autumn fashion? Natural or Earth colour are the base colour for autumn fashion such as brown or land colour. However, light colour is not suitable such as light green. Some people may wonder why light green is not consider as autumn fashion colour. The answer is most of the leaves in autumn will turn into colourful leaves that more to brown colour. Furthermore, light colour mostly use in summer season to show the flower blossom season. Besides this, animal printed such as zebra or leopard are good mix and match in autumn season. Not many people can accept the animal printed fashion, the mix of plain colour with some animal print can reduce the feel of "too much".

So how about mix and match? A good balance of mix and match can let you look more trendy and fashion with simple piece of cloths. Some people may wonder what is mean by balance. In fashion, there are many styles. To make it simple, he talked about the balance between sweety and cool style. For example: you can make either one as your main focus and decorate with another style. However, you must make sure that the decorate style is not take over the main focus. Hence, you will not look "too sweety" or "too cool" if you can understand the theory of balance.

Figure 3: Mina's model and him

In this talk, he had demonstrated a combination of sweet and cool style. Then, he directed a model to wear a flowery dress and a black blazer (figure 3). This model was not very tall. He understand that most of the Asians are not very tall including me. I am only 155cm. (cry T.T) Anyway, He taught us about how to mix and match that let us look a bit taller and slimmer. Those tips as listed below:-
  1. To show the bone that just below the neck, a bit hand wrist and few cm above your feet. This can let you look slimmer.

  2. To wear those cloth that make an accent above waist. (The true waist area is where you can bend and the hip is 2 inches below your true waist)

  3. To wear approximately "1 inch" wide belt if want to wear it. Remember not to wear thick and wide belt because this can reduce your body length and make you look shorter. However, tall people have no problem to use wider size belt.

  4. To Show more upper part of your feet. This can bring the false impression of your leg that looks longer. V shape shoes has better effect.

  5. To wear shorter type necklace instead of long type. If long type, this can enhance your body length which make your look shorter.

  6. To make hair bun or put on a cap. Precaution to put on a cap: if you have fringe, make sure the cap put on to somewhere with less fringe to balance it.

  7. To choose a blazer length is about waist length or shorter. V shape collar can make you slimmer. Moreover, X shape collar can make you look slimmer than V shape collar. Next tip, the length of the sleeve should 2cm about the hand wrist or you can direct pull the sleeve up. Besides this, the blazer must have waist shape cut not the straight cut.

  8. To wear Vertical line dress. this can allow you to look slimmer.

  9. Not to use a big sliding bag. Unless you tall enough and not consider very slim. The big bag can be change to main focus to help you look not so big in size. However, if you smaller in size, big bag is not suitable because of people may "not able" to see you.

10. Fold your long pant to the slimmest part of your leg. This can allow your leg look slimmer.

A lot of people like to wear horizontal line shirt. However, many people worry about they will look bigger in size than normal. He suggested that we can wear 2 T-shirts in the same time. First, the outer T-shirt can be horizontal line, shorter length and bigger in size. However, the inner T-shirt can be longer length T-shirt and must be tighter than the outer T-shirt. Both T-shirts' colour must have a big contrast. Another tips is you can use a scarf to make you look taller. You can divide the scarf into half and hold the middle line. Then, place the scarf on your neck. Thus, this scarf can laying down vertically to give a impression that this vertical line (scarf) cut the horizontal line.

Before end of the section, he gave an advise regarding the use of legging. He mentioned that legging actually is look like inner wear. This is not approprate to wear as a pant. Unless, you wear legging with long shirt or cloths or dress that long enough to cover the " V " shape between both leg. If not, he suggested us to wear legging with short pant or skirt. Lastly, he had took a group photo with us as shown in figure 4.

Figure 4: Mina fans group ~~


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