Thursday, May 12, 2011

Outskirt of Nagoya Trip

Yeah, I was away from my blog long time again .. Anyway, I am back =)

Where I had been ??? Yes, Nagoya ... (Actually, I just passed by only) .. XD
Most important, I have to acknowledged to Kitto san ... Thanks a lot ~~

In this photo above, we were travelling in Nagoya and heading to outskirt of Nagoya. Due to I had already shopped a lot in Osaka, thus, I have no point to shopped again in another city.

Our first stop at Inuyama. Inuyama is about 20 minutes drive distance from Nagoya city. This is not a big city, actually you can visit all the attractions with 1 to 2 hours. Around this Inuyama, there are few shrines, museums and castle available. Combined all attractions' ticket actually is cheaper than individual separate ticket. If not mistaken, all the attractions are open until 5pm only.

This is Inuyama Castle which is one of the oldest castle in Japan and one of the most original castle that never destroy until now. Furthermore, this castle is constructed with 3 level, 4 stories with 2 stories underground. Due to the originality of the castle, staircase is the only method for you to reach the top floor. In fact, the top floor has the most wonderful view of Inuyama. This is best castle that I had visited.

At the top floor of the Inuyama Castle, you can see a lot of houses or buildings surrounding it. This is wonderful.... ^.^

Anyway, I like this photo with no reason ... haha .. this was taken outside the Inuyama Castle with maple leaves.

Beside the Inuyama Castle, there is a Fushimi shrine. According to my friend, he said this is a branch from Fushimi Inari shrine that located in Kyoto. How true is it? I not sure .. Haha .. ~~

On the way to Gifu, We passed by Gero. What famous in Gero? No doubt, Onsen (Hot spring) which is one of the top three best in Japan !! This was soooo comfortable to take a hot bath in extremely cold temperature. I love it. This was amazing. You just need to pay around 200 to 300 yens to enter the public bath. Around this Gero area, there was a lot of hot spring that prepare for foot spa. And most important, this is free.

Next station, Takayama !!! A lot of place in Kansai region was not snowing yet. This must special thanks to my friend who purposely brought me there to see snow. Anyway, we were crazy actually. The night was extremely cold with -2.3 degree Celsius. We still playing snow ball fight.

Anyway, I had a nice trip around outskirt of Nagoya. Before we leave, my friend introduce a nice and famous food in Nagoya for us which was fried chicken wings. Most important, Nagoya people have their technique to eat this chicken wings. You can try that if you want.. haha .. !! great man ~~

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