Monday, May 16, 2011

Last day class at Nihongo Center -- Winter break

The time flies without notice. I never thought of that I had been staying in Kyoto for 3 months. This was my last day class at Nihongo Center and I had to leave Japan after few days. 寂しい (samishii) ~~

Anyway, my sensei (teacher) like to write a lot of kawaii (cute) words or draw a lot of kawaii icons on the white board. I'm gonna miss them so much.

During the last section of my class, they decided to have a small farewell for us (Jonathan, Charles, Simona and me). Thus, we were playing some games (with using Japanese conversation) for our last day class. In this games, for those who were standing in the middle of the circle more than 3 times, they had to sing a song.

While playing this game, we kept charging our seat. Thus, I just took this opportunity to take photo with those who seat next to me. I miss all of you .. !! ~~

After the class, Ueda sensei and Kubota sensei decided to have a farewell dinner for our class and 5Th floor class. A lot of people attended this dinner. Thus, we had to target those not so many people Izagaya (Japanese bar restaurant) and big enough to fit 2 classes of people.

Thanks you guys. I had a wonderful dinner. You guys are awesome.
~ Final Day ~ I miss you All ~

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