Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kansai foreign Students Music Festival in Kyoto 21st, 2010

Last year I went to Japan, I felt that I was lucky to join this festival. This Kansai Foreign Students Music Festival in Kyoto 21st is an event that foreign students from universities around Kansai can introduce music and dance from their native countries. In fact, the aim for this festival was to deepen each other's understanding of everyone's culture and foster friendships among the performers and audience alike.

This music festival was held on Sunday, November 28 at 2pm, at Kyoto Kaikan Hall (Second Auditorium).

Nihongo Center's classmates and I were invited to join the world stage performance which was sing a Japanese song with the title of "Tomodachi Say What You Will" from SMAP. We went to practice in the morning. Luckily, I still can remember the dance step and the song lyric.

Food were provided for all the participants. We had a great dinner and met up a lot of people from different countries. But, I was the only Malaysian there.

I had a wonderful moment with all of them because we sang, we practiced and enjoyed this festival. I gonna miss you guys ... ^.^

Yes, My dear Nisse Nisse, haha .. because she sticked my name tag on her chest.
Je t'aime ...

A video - during rest time ~~ haha .. ^.^

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  1. wow wonderfull, i will join this event too, in Kyoto for this year :)