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Temple (dera) and shrine (jinja) in Kyoto

If you ask me, what do you think about Kyoto? I will answer you that Kyoto is an amazing city that full of Japanese traditional feel. In this city, you can find out a lot of shrines and temples are categorised as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is worth for you to visit if you like Japanese tradition.

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which located at Higashiyama Gojo dori. You can access to this place by taking city bus with the number of 206 or 100. Other than bus, you can take Keihan line and stop at Kiyomizu Gojo station; then, walk 10 minutes from the station to this temple. The entrance fee is 300 yen for adult. 

#1: Kiyomizu dera

This is a famous visit place for all tourists. In fact, full of people is a common phenomena during weekend. Thus, this is better to visit this temple during weekday if you want to take a lot of nice photos.

A lot of people are trying to drink the water from this temple as shown in photo #1 second row Lefts photo. Each water stream represent love, healthy and wealth. Anyway, you are allow to choose one of them. Then, the particular luck will increase. Thus, you have to choose which is most important to you.
#2: Kiyomizu dera - Love god

There are a special shrine to improve lover relationship. In this shrine, there are 2 stones on the floor. You can do a test to prove that your love one will just around you by walking from first stone to second stone with your eyes close. This may sound difficult. But, you can ask you friend to assist you.
#3: Kiyomizu at night

All the shrine and temple in Kyoto will close by 5pm normally. However, night visits are allow during Autumn with full of maple leafs season. At night, the entrance fee is 400 yen per person. This is worth to visit too to have a good Kyoto view from this temple because this temple is located on the mountain. Thus, you can see the Kyoto Tower and Kyoto city from this temple.

#4: Kinkakuji

inkakuji is located in Kinokasa. You can take this city bus by 205 from Kyoto Station or 59 from Sanjo Keihan line. The entrance fee is 400 yen per person. This is UNESCO Heritage site too. In addition, this temple famous of a golden villa was built on the lake. The best view for this "golden villa" is during winter with full of snow.

#5: Tenryuji

his is located in Arashiyama. Tenryuji is one of the UNESCO Heritage Site too. You can access to this temple by JR line, Hankyu line or Arashiyama Subway and stop at the Arashiyama station. Then, walk about 10 minutes from the station to this temple. The entrance fee for the main hall and garden are 600 yen. However, garden visitors are only have to pay 500 yen for each entry. Anyway, the garden here are beautiful especially during maple leafs season.

#6: Tofukuji

ofukuji is located at Southern area. You can access to this temple by JR Nara line to Tofukuji station or 208 city bus. Entrance fee is 400 yen for adult. This temple is famous for maple leaf viewing with large maple tree garden.


#7: Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari is just 10 minutes walk from Tofukiji. There are no nearer station for city bus to access this shrine. However, you have to stop at Tofukuji if you take the city bus. Nevertheless, JR line and Keihan line have just stop in front of this shrine with the station name as Fushimi Inari. Anyway, this is free for all visitors.

For those who had watched "Memories of Geisha", you may remember a scenes for the little girl was running pass through a lot of Tori-gate. This is the place with a lot of Tori-gate.


#8: Kodaiji

This is located at Higashiyama. 206 city bus that stop at Higashiyama Yasui is near to Kodaiji. The entrance fee is 500 yen. This is a simple temple. In contrast, lighting at night is so much difference if compared to day time. The night visit is only allowed during Spring and Autumn only.


#9: Nanzenji

This is located in Eastern area. You can access to the temple by taking number 5 city bus or Tozai subway and stop at Keage station. There are a lot of temple near by such as Hean Jingu, Eikan do, Ginkakuji and etc. You have to pay to enter each temple. This may a little pricey. Then, you have to choose which is your favour. Basically, most of the temple are similar with the main hall and Japanese garden. I choose to go Nanzenji because of the garden are free entry.


#10: Yasaka jinja

This is near to Gion at Shijo dori. You can get off from number 206 and 100 city bus. This is free. Beside this shrine, Maruyama Park. This open park are famous during cherry blossom viewing.


#11: Kibune Shrine

This is located in Kurama area. The transportation from Kyoto city to this shrine is a little bit pricey. But anyway, you can take the Keihan line from the Kyoto city to Demachiyanagi station. Then, change to Eizan line and stop at Kibuneguchi station. In spite of, this is free entry. Anyway, the specialty in this shrine is you can get a lucky chain plain paper. Then, put the plain paper on the water that provided. The information on the paper will appear.


#12: Chisaku-in

This is located in Higashiyama- Shijijo. This is free entry. The maple leaf in this temple is nice. On the other hand, this temple very quite with less people if compared to Kiyomizu dera and Kinkakuji.

Actually, there are still a lot of temples and shrines. Yes, I have no enough time to visit all the temples in Kyoto. But anyway, this is a great experience for me. I love all the Jinja and Dera here. LOVE !!!

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