Sunday, January 16, 2011

Halloween party in Japan

This was my first Halloween party celebration. This of course must thanks to our dearest organisers Nisses Nisses and Julie. All of us gather in front of Nihongo Center.
After that, we went to Doma Doma to have our dinner. This restaurant is located in Shijo Kawaramachi. Its Japanese bar which called as "izagaya". The restaurant has variates of food such as Japanese and western food. Most of the people here like to drink alcohol because alcohol is cheaper than other drinks.
We took a lot of photos during our dinner. It was a crazy night. We dress in Halloween costumes. For example, Lin - cat woman, Nisses Nisses - leapord, Emmanuel - rabbit, Abe - mouse deer, Julie - devil, Kitto - I share my witch costume with him (haha), Shohei - donkey, Liu - Cat man and Tomoko - Phantom.
We Had a wonderful time in Doma Doma. The night was still young. Then, they decided to go clubbing.

Yes, we went to the club in Shijo Kawaramachi. The prices were 3000 yen for male with 3 free drinks and 2000 yen for female with 2 free drinks. Anyway, I didn't drink alcohol. I had gave my free drinks to my friends.
This was a fun night. I enjoyed the party.

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