Friday, January 21, 2011

Difference between men and women - John Gray

I read a book regarding the difference between man and woman with the title of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray. Anyway, today I able to read until chapter 4 only. While reading this book, I was laughing because I think the facts are quite true that really reflect almost everyone of us. This is happen to me either.

In chapter 2, He had discussed about men are "Mr. Fix it" and women are "home improvement committee". Men are not usually like to raise up the problem unless they need advice. In fact, they are more likely to solve the problem by themselves. However, women tend to give suggestion or opinion to people.

hen there are some problems exist for men, they are unlikely to seek any help. In contrast, they will think the solution by themselves. In this moment, women will offer men some suggestions. In the women mind, they are thinking to concern the men. In spite of, men will offended because they assume women think they are useless or untrusted.

Solution - women can give men more support. Let the men feel they are important and trusted when there are any problems occur.

Similar problems that happen to women, women like to express their upset feeling by telling to the audiences. Indeed, they just want somebody to listen. However, men will put on their Mr.fix it hat to offer a lot of solutions. In the point of view of men, they just want to help them to relieve their negative feeling. In the moment, women will think that why the men cant pay 100% attention just to listen to them.

Solution - All the men can do are just listen quietly because women just want somebody listen to them only.

Anyway, I will continue reading tomorrow. This is an interesting book. Enjoy to experience the difference.

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