Saturday, August 14, 2010

manicure time again

I miss manicure !!!! ... I long time didnt make it already. Now, is time to decorate my nail !!

Those are the product that I used to manicure my nail. Most of the brands are come from Ianti, Etude House, Elianto and sometime The Face Shop. For me, I like to use Ianti product because it will not dry out easily and it has longer shelf life. Second follow by Etude house due to the attractive base colour and the colour last longer on your nail.

The procedure that I took to manicure are apply base coat to protect your nail in first step. Then, apply base colour that you like. I like glitter. Thus, glitter can be added to decorate your nail no matter to draw a crossline or apply between 2 base colour (to make it more harmony).

Recently fall in love with 3-D nail art. Then, of course you cant miss out rubber type flower, plaster ready make flower, bling bling stone (diamond??), and of course the easiest way is used sticker. In this case, proper glue this the most important tool to make it last on your nail.

Tang Tang Tang Tanggggg ~~~~~ after 1 hour ...
My hard work as below:-

Hehe ~~~ not so nice .. !! anyway, is time to sleep already ~~ Good night !!

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