Monday, May 31, 2010

eyelid glue =? to eyelash glue ??

Last Friday, I planned to buy eyelash glue. But, I was in a hurry. Then, of course I requested the help from the cosmetic shop workers where they located the eyelash glue.

At the end, I bought the product that showed in the photo above. Oh my god! I did not know what happened to me. After i read the information regarding this product. The indication of this product was written as "for eyelid glue used". (=.=''')

Then, I was wondering how am I gonna use "this product". Yesterday morning, I had my convocation photography section. I asked my make up artist regarding "this eyelid glue can used as eyelash glue?". However, she didn`t give me any definate answer to me. But she said can try it once. haha ... Thus, she help me to apply my fake lashes with this glue.

CONCLUSION: this glue can use as eyelash glue because my fake lashes can resist on my eyelash until yesterday night (my friend's wedding dinner).

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