Thursday, May 27, 2010

~ My new cosmetic ~

No doutb, I bought some new cosmetics. Why why why? This was because of JUSCO MEMBER DAY SALE. I seldom buy any "branded" cosmetic product especially in department store because I think that was quite expensive to me especially I am still a student. However, this was not the case during last Jusco sale.

Finally, I decided to buy this "Beautilicious" product with 50% discount as below. (hehe..forgive me because I am still a student)

#1: Beautilicious - Arch it right Eyebrow kit

This eyebrow kit contains of 2 eyebrow cakes, 4 eyebrow stencil, 1 tweezer, and 1 applicator. Both of the eyebrow cakes presented as dark brown and light brown. A mirrow is attached inside the kit with the width length of approximately 5 inches.
#2: Beautilicious eyebrow kit (inside)

I think this is quite useful to me because I have very bad technique to shape my eyebrow with tweezer. Furthermore, this eyebrow kit had provided 4 different types of eyebrow stencil which were "full", "natural", "fine", and "super fine". You can sketch it with applicator that provided in the kit before you plug out any unwanted hair. Hence, this can reduce the chances for me to shape my eyebrow sometimes it was called as "cacat".

I need to attend many events in this end of May and early of June (friend's wedding, convocation photo shooting, convocation, and prom night......). Then, I decided to introduce some new cosmetic into my comestic case. Yes, I lack of contouring and highlighting (because I hate to apply foundation =.='''). Haha..Anyway, my target still cheap and nice. Finally, I got my target from "Etude House" with the promotion of second item with 50% discount.

#3: Etude house: highlighting (left), contouring (right)

There are some other hightlighting products which look nicer and contain many colour. The reason why I didn't choose that because of "expensive". =.='''

Anyway, I like the colour and its have a very good smell for the highlighting and contouring that I bought. By the way, I still haven't try this. Nevertheless, I plan to do experiment tonight with my mummy. *evil laugh*

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