Sunday, August 7, 2011

SaBah Trip at Kundasang

Sabah, We are coming !! The air tickets that we bought a year ago, finally this was the time for us to flied. Yes, this time we flied with AirAsia again.

Total duration from LCCT to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) took about 2 and half hours. In my opinion, this was a little bit long journey because from LCCT to Singapore only took 45 mins. Hehe ~~

Anyway, once we arrived in KKIA, our tour guide brought us to nearest restaurant to have our brunch. After that, we went to Kundasang. Kundasang apart from KKIA around 2 hours. Around Kundasang, there are a lot of green hills around. From far, we can see a high black mountain which hiding behind the cloud. In fact, this is Mount Kinabalu.

After the long 2 hours journey to Kundasang, finally we arrived to our resort. We were staying in Kinabalu Pine resort. And, I was staying in H block with wide balcony. In fact, the view from this resort was great especially in the early morning before the Mount Kinabalu hide behind the cloud.

After we check-in, we went to Desa Cow Farm. In this farm, we able to see how the milk being collected and processed. Wide green field make this cow farm more relaxing and comfortable. At the end of the visit, we bought the fresh milk. The milk was delicious ~~

5 minutes journey from the cow farm, we arrived to Kundasang War Memorial. This place is used to memory those Australian and British's prisoner who scarified during world war 2 in Sandakan and infamous death marched to Ranau. Furthermore, this place is made up with Australian, British and Borneo's garden. In fact, the entrance fee is cheap which RM2 for Malaysian and RM10 for others.

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