Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2 in Kundasang - Kota Kinabalu

After a good night sleep, we woke up around 7am and prepared to start our new day. Then we took our simple breakfast in our hotel.

Lets start our new journey !! ~~

On the way to our desire destination. Our driver stopped us at a platform with a nice view of Mount Kinabalu.

After that, we went to Tagal, Sungai Moroli at Kampung Luanti Baru, Ranau. At this place, our tour guide introduce us to do fish spa. Well, we didn't think too much because just some small fish. Who knows, we just knew that the fish were almost 30cm long when we arrived the pond. Scary ~~~ Anyway, we able to stand in the middle of the pond and "bitten" by the fish without horror. Mission Successful !!

Our second mission, hot spring !! Well, do you know that Malaysia average temperature is about 30 degree Celsius? Yes, we know that. Anyway, we went there for wonderful foot spa. In fact, the water is really hot !!

Next our last trip at Kundasang was Kinabalu park which is starting point to climb the 4400+ sea level high Mount Kinabalu. Until this visit, I just knew that Mount Kinabalu is active volcano. We were standing at the 2000+ sea level high platform to view Mount Kinabalu. However, the climate wasn't nice. Thus, we couldn't see it.

Around evening time, we went to Kota Kinabalu city to have our dinner. In fact, the lake is beautiful with the reflection.

~ We had a wonderful day ~

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