Friday, July 8, 2011

my new yukata ~~

Are you ready to join Bon Odori next week ?? Yes, I am ready !!

I have blue colour yukata. However, I wish I have chance to wear pink colour yukata. Last few days, I heard my friend said Jusco at Mid Valley will have yukata fair. Then, I tried to visit that place. Thus, I saw this beautiful yukata with cheaper price compared in Japan.

For those who wish to wear yukata to this Bon Odori, you can visit to Jusco at Mid Valley in Ladies department within 4th of July to 16th of July.

My pink yukata with sakura flower ~~ Love it !!

This is traditional type of "Obi" (means belt). The price for yukata is included with the modern type of obi. However, I like tradisional type of obi more. Then, I bought an extra obi to suit this yukata.

The difference between traditional type of obi and modern type of obi is modern type is ready made. However, the traditional type of obi is have to tie it yourself. In fact, the traditional type of obi can tie different types of ribbons.

I love my new yukata ~~~

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