Thursday, June 9, 2011

Felt Mascot Kit Dog

After I came back from a camp, I realize that I have a long time didn't make any craft even though I am free enough now. While shopping at Daiso at The Curve, I saw this cute dog. Then, my friend asked me to make one for him.

This packaging had included instruction paper and the materials that required to use. Only scissor, needle and clothing glue are exclusive from this packaging. The instruction was cleared enough to explain the procedures.

First of all, cut the felt according to the shape that required to make the mascot dog. To make the shape more alike to the require, cut the paper as the mold. Then place the paper mold on the felt and cut it accordingly.

Next, sew all the pieces together.

~ Done ~


  1. I got this too :D I'm just confused on how to do the mouth and nose. Do I just sew the black string?

  2. ya .. use the black string to sew the mouth and nose .. (*^_^*)

  3. ermm... is it possible to give me the actual size? i only have the elephant and donkey and i wish to make other animals...

  4. hmmm .. i not sure where is the paper now .. have to take sometime to find it .. anyway, if you want others .. we can share as well (*^_^*)

  5. Singapore Daiso got sell.
    Couldn't understand the instruction on how to do D:
    i bought the Donkey want :p